2014: Another Year in the Rearview

Posted by Danny on 1/18/2015 to Shop Updates
I'm known for extremely long-winded posts and emails, so I'll make a conscious effort to keep this one more concise and just get to the good parts.  

2014 was an awesome year for Dodge Off Road!  We started the year out in a rut, were way behind on orders, and basically couldn't keep up with anything.  At that time it was just me, my brother Clint, my wife Jana, and a few friends who were helping out when they could.  We had Kyle down in Texas helping answer emails, but none of us could really keep up with the demand.  So early in 2014 I finally made the leap and hired some full time shop help, and full time office help.  It's always scary to make that leap and go from a small, family-run business, to a medium sized company and all of the stresses that go with it.  I held off from making that jump for a while and it put us behind, but we quickly began to catch up and even build inventory once we had the help that we needed. 

Our big goal this year was to build inventory and have products in stock, and we have certainly accomplished that.  Our most popular products are in stock almost 100% of the time, and now we are working on making other products readily available.  We have continued to hire more help and grow our business to the point that we are adding stocking dealers in California, Arizona, and Canada.  This will allow our customers to get products in their hands much faster than before.  The extra inventory has required us to get a newer, larger location, so we are in the process of acquiring a 3rd building in a neighboring town, where we can eventually have a retail store and a showroom!  The new location will allow us to purchase steel and tubing at huge discounts, so we can certainly keep our prices low and perhaps even drop them in some cases.  We are adding new equipment, and just expanding our entire operation.  One thing that is unique about DOR is that we do almost everything in-house.  We are one of the only companies in the high-performance sector that designs, manufactures, and finishes our products ourselves.  That means we take sheets of steel and sticks of tube, and by the time they leave our shop for the first time, they are completely finished.  The reason I make this point is that it is one of the ways we have always been able to beat our competitors on price.  Most of them out-source the CNC cutting and the powder coating, and in some cases even the welding.  That all adds to the cost.  We have some hardware pieces made by a machine shop, but other than that, we do as much as we can right here in Arkansas.  The lower costs get passed on to our customers and it's a win-win for everybody. 

With the new location will come even more help.  We're working on adding more customer service reps, and gearing up to handle a lot more business in 2015 than we ever have.  2014 was our best year ever by far, and so far January 2015 has been the strongest month we've ever had.  We sincerely appreciate everything our loyal customers have done for us, and look forward to serving you in the years to come.  We have a lot of new and exciting products coming out, as well as some really cool builds that we'll document.  We also plan to do more trail rides this year, as time permits.  Keep an eye on our site, the forum, and our social media accounts to stay up to date with what we have going on.  DOR is going to do some big things this year.  

Happy 2015!
Danny Gaston

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