Dodge Off Road was started in 2005 as a new forum for off roading Ram owners to discuss their truck builds, without the politics or commercialization of other forums. The forum has died off with the popularity of social media apps, but there is still a wealth of knowledge on our forum and that is how many of our customers find us. 

The business side of DOR was started in 2010 and has grown steadily every single year. Danny Gaston started the business after spending over a decade heavily modifying his own Ram trucks, and seeing that there was a void in the industry where quality and price meet. Everything we do at DOR is based on our own experiences as customers of other companies - this is truly a company built by Ram enthusiasts, for Ram enthusiasts.  What started out as a garage-based business with just a few basic tools, has now turned into a fully functioning facility with CNC equipment and in-house powdercoating, all done at our location in Lakeview, Arkansas. Our staff has now grown to include nine people, and will continue to expand to meet the demands of our customer base and our dealers.  By keeping most parts of the job in our own shop, we are able to save you more money and get custom built parts out faster than other companies. We also test our products religiously to ensure the highest quality and strength. Our on-site 10 acre proving ground and 160 acre private off road park allows us to quickly build, test, modify, and re-test parts in a fraction of the time it would normally take. We also four wheel all over the United States, so if you see us on the trail, please say hello. This isn't just a job for us - it's a lifestyle!

We are one of the only companies in the world that makes high performance suspension parts specifically for 2nd gen trucks. Nobody knows 2nd gens better than we do, and nobody carries more suspension or steering parts for them than us.

We are also unique in that we only sell Dodge Ram parts. We are one of the only companies in the world that strictly specializes in Ram trucks, which is a testament to our loyalty and dedication the brand. The company was not started just to make money off Ram owners - it was started because we love our trucks. Dodge Off Road continues to grow and be successful because our customers love their DOR-equipped trucks, and we love getting to help build them.  

Thank you for your interest in Dodge Off Road - A Worldwide Leader in Dodge Ram Suspension and Steering Performance, with customers in 28 countries and all 50 states!

Danny Gaston with Sarah, Nate, and Brady from The Long Way South expedition.