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Posted by Danny on 10/12/2015 to Product Updates
There will be some changes taking place on the site over the next few weeks.  We are now at the point where we have many products in stock, or are building them in just a few days rather than weeks.  This is due to our new facility providing us the room we needed to store larger quantities of materials, having a highly qualified team working in the shop, and investing in more/better equipment to help speed up the processes.  We are one of the only companies in the Dodge industry that actually builds all of our own products in-house, from cutting parts out on our own CNC table, to notching tube, to welding everything, and even powder coating our own parts.  Since we do everything in-house, there are a lot more steps to go from raw materials to finished product, which is part of the reason we've always been working behind instead of ahead of new orders.  That has mostly changed now, with the exception of some products that truly are custom-made.   Starting this week, we have several high-demand products in stock, boxed up, on our shelves ready to put UPS labels on.  

What you will notice on the site is that instead of one product having many options, we will now have many products with no options.  For example, our 2nd gen HD track bar kits used to be sold all on one product page.  You would select stock to 3" height or 4-8" height, then select if you wanted heim seals or not.  The problem with this setup is that it's impossible to have accurate inventory because of all of the options.  So now we have a stock to 3" HD track bar product page, and a 4-8" HD track bar product page.  Now we are able to say that we have X of one size track bar in stock, and Y of the other size.  When you place an order, you will know if it's actually in stock or if it will be made to order.   This change will affect our most popular items, such as the steering kits, long arms, other track bars, steering braces, diff covers, etc.  In some cases, these products have already been broken out onto their own pages.  It does make searching a little more difficult, especially in the case of direct links to the product page.  You can always use the search box in the top right hand corner of each page, or you can browse by category.  If you can't find a product, just send us an email and we will send you a direct link.  

Additionally, the items that aren't in stock when you order will have much shorter build times.  We went from only keeping a few sticks of tube on hand, to keeping a minimum of 10 sticks of each size on hand at all times.  We keep hundreds of bushings, heims, tube adapters, etc on hand all the time, rather than reordering when we are almost out.  This seems like a simple thing, but DOR was built on a low-overhead business model, so we avoided having too much money tied up in inventory for the first several years we were in business.  Now that we have gone from small-scale fabrication to medium-scale manufacturing, it's much easier to keep larger quantities of everything on hand.  We are also stocking parts from other companies that we used to drop ship, like Fox Shocks, Borgeson steering products, Synergy coil springs, and more.  The new building has given us the ability to have a warehouse and that has had big benefits with being able to say if something is in stock or not.  In the past, we often wouldn't find out about backorders until after the drop ship order had been placed.  We are working diligently to avoid these kind of issues in the future and have already made huge strides over the summer.   We will continue to stock more and more products here at our shop, rather than depending on manufacturers to be in stock all the time.  

With all of the changes to how we handle inventory and sell products on the site, we will be much more efficient at getting your orders out.  We also have a dedicated customer service rep who is doing a much better job of staying on top of emails and calls than I have been able to the last couple of years.  Part of our site update is that she will have her own email address and it will be posted on our Contact page as soon as it's setup.  Any pre-order questions or tech questions can go to  Once your order has been placed and you have an order number, whether you have received the order or not, those emails will go to customer service (email address will be posted later).  This will expedite your email to the front of the line and allow us to serve our existing customers faster.  In the past, all emails have gone to one address, including all spam emails.  It has been a nightmare to try and sort through everything on a daily basis, but by splitting the emails up, things should be much easier for us, and you'll have a much better experience.  

Keep an eye on the blog for updates about our new shop, the construction of the new installation facility (we're already doubling our square footage!), plus our own proving grounds right here on site!  Most companies show you how fast they can hit their driveway entrance without spilling their Monster, but we'll actually be rock crawling and flexing trucks out right here on site, and have 10 acres of woods trails with frame twisters, mud pits, drop-offs, and hill climbs.  Plus with a new showroom that is under construction, there will be plenty of reasons to stop by our facility if you are ever in this part of the country.  

Thank you to all of our customers for the continued success we have had! 


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