Dodge Off Road Crossover Steering Kit
Crossover steering, drag link mounts directly to knuckle

Dodge Off Road Crossover Steering Kit

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Dodge Off Road's Crossover Steering Kit is for those who prefer the drag link to connect directly to the knuckle, who are willing to drill out their knuckles and pitman arm, and are willing to deal with some bumpsteer. A crossover steering kit is a great way to go for those who want simplicity and strength, and this design has been proven for a decade now. We are offering this kit as an alternative for those who want to upgrade their steering but are doing it on a budget. We also have a WIY kit to save you some more money. The tie rod is a one-piece design with large 7/8" shank, 55,000 lb load rated chromoly heims on each end, and the drag link is a one-piece design that also uses the same 7/8" shank heims and connects directly to your passenger side knuckle. The extra length of the drag link does induce some bumpsteer, and this kit has almost no ability to adjust the bumpsteer out, but your steering will feel very tight and will last for many years. This is a great setup for those who have huge lifts or who wheel their trucks and don't spend a ton of time on the highway.  The only bumpsteer adjustment you will have is moving the drag link to the top or bottom of the pitman arm.  

The tie rod is bent to clear all diff covers as well as the sway bar mounts, and is made from 1.5" OD 1/4" wall DOM tubing, which will hold up to all kinds of abuse (we've tested this ourselves). The kit also includes Grade 8 fine thread hardware with locknuts and a quick install guide to help with the process.

There is no provision for the steering stabilizer to mount to this tie rod, but we do sell a clamp that will bolt on and can be used for any number of steering stabilizers. The clamp fits both the tie rod and the drag link, for those who run high mount stabilizers or opposing setups.  You can add the clamp during checkout. 

Please note that this kit does require your knuckles to be drilled out to 3/4"; we can supply hardware to avoid drilling the pitman arm and the driver side knuckle if you wish. The most cost-effective method is to drill both knuckles and your pitman arm and use the Grade 8 hardware.

This kit will include, by default: 

1 tie rod, bent for clearance, with hex tube adapters, powdercoated black
1 drag link, bent for clearance, with hex tube adapters, powdercoated black 
4 heim joints, the strongest available in any kit
4 jam nuts and the miscellaneous hardware needed
3 Grade 8 bolts and locknuts (unless you upgrade to the tapered bolts)

Other things to consider:

This kit may not fit stock wheels smaller than 17" diameter; some 16" wheels with more offset than stock will work but you need to check for clearance first. Make sure you have at least 1.75" clearance above the top of the knuckle for a 1" OD nut. If you don't, our T-style steering setup will still work on your truck - see related items below.  If you are running 3rd gen factory 17" wheels on a 2nd gen Dana 60 axle, you will need to clearance the nut after installation to keep the wheel from touching the hardware.  Other 17" wheels with high backspacing may have the same issue on 2nd gen axles.  Factory wheels on a 3rd or 4th gen are not an issue. 

Stock steering will not fit after you modify your knuckles and pitman arm. You "can" swap the knuckles and pitman out later, but the best thing to do is to switch to our "drill out" T-style steering kit if you do not like the steering characteristics of crossover steering. Our drill-out kit will bolt right up to your drilled-out knuckles and pitman arm. 

This kit has both the tie rod and drag link bent for clearance for our trucks. There are other kits available that do not have bent tubes, these will not work on Dodge Ram trucks without extensive cutting and grinding on the front axle. Our kit is specifically designed for 1994 to 2012 Dodge trucks with a solid front axle.

You will need to provide a measurement from the center of your pitman arm to the center of your passenger side knuckle when ordering. This is to ensure that the drag link is made the correct length for your lift height.  If for some reason you are not able to provide this measurement, we can get very close based on your truck specs, but we cannot guarantee a perfect fit based on "lift height" because not all suspensions actually lift your truck to the advertised height.  One simple measurement will ensure everything fits right the first time.

If you choose to add the Fox 2.0 stabilizer, keep in mind that this is for a low-mount setup.  If your early 2nd gen has a high-mount stabilizer, where the stabilizer mounts to the frame and drag link rather than the axle and tie rod, then you'll need to order a different stabilizer setup or weld some tabs below your track bar axle mount to make this work.  We only provide the low-mount setup for these steering kits as it is more effective and has no binding or clearance issues like a high-mount can have. 

5 Stars
Awesome deal
I ordered my kit on a Tuesday night, it shipped the next day and got to me by Friday. I thought it was going to take a few weeks to ship but they totally exceeded my expectations. As far as the kit itself, it's bulletproof. You can't hurt this thing. My steering is extremely tight, almost too tight (about ripped my thumb off once), and I have a little bit of bump steer but I don't care. It's still way better than my stock setup. You can't beat the price either. I was going to order a Thuren kit but didn't want to wait a couple of months, someone on CF said to check out DOR and man I'm glad I did. Less expensive, faster shipping, solid product. You can't go wrong.
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 9/4/2014
5 Stars
Awesome kit
Wish I had done this sooner. Very well built and solid. Danny knows his stuff. Custom made for Dodge trucks with pre-bent tubing that clears the axle cover and sway bar mounts. It also lines up with the track bar kit really well. I don't even think bumpsteer will be much of an issue, but I do have a 9" lift. I used 3 smaller drill bits (21/32 --> 11/16 --> 23/32) before going to the full 3/4" on the knuckles and it worked great. Just need a little patience and liberal amounts of WD-40. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone with a Dodge truck!
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Reviewed by:  from Nevada. on 3/7/2016
5 Stars
Good setup
I really love this product, but I had a fitment issue. Due to my rim backspace/offset. But I would but it again on my next truck. Customer service is awesome!
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 10/25/2018

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