Current Build Times/Weekly Product Updates - August 19th, 2014

Posted by Danny on 8/19/2014 to Product Updates
Steering Braces - 2nd Gen 1994 to 2001/2002 models:   These are in stock as of tomorrow!  All of the current orders will start going out as fast as we can package them, and then we'll have about a dozen braces on hand after that.  We have secured a couple of places to get the machined parts we need without waiting anymore, so these should be in stock all the time from now on. 

Steering Braces - 3rd Gen 2003 to 2008 models:   These are now being sent out as 3G and 4G models, as they will fit either generation.  We ask which steering box you have and then you get the correct sector shaft extension piece.  The rest of the hardware is all the same.  All current orders are going out this week and then we'll have a few on hand.  Keep in mind that these are still a huge pain in the ass to make and until we have a jig built for them, they are going to take a while to ship out.  We're working on the jig this week and next week.  Once that is done, and assuming it is what we need, then these will be in stock all the time.  The product page has been updated to reflect that these fit all 2003 to 2012 trucks. 

Steering Linkage Kits - 2nd through 4th gen trucks:    Right now, we have a ton of steering kit orders pending.  We were waiting on a machined part to come in from a shop whose lathe went down.  We found another machine shop to make them and we should have those pieces in stock in about a week!  So once they get here, we will be working frantically to build as many steering kits as we can to fill the existing orders.  Then we'll continue to build them and try to keep about 15 to 20 on hand at all times.  We've had issues getting the heim joints in the past as well, but we have secured a better source for those, so I really think we will be in good shape to keep these in stock. 

Track Bar Kits - 2nd gen 1994 to 2001/2002:   The HD models are in stock most of the time, we just have to wait on the brackets to get done.  Our next batch of brackets will be here Thursday this week, so all HD orders will go out late this week or early next week.  Sometimes you'll catch us when we have a bunch on hand, other times we may be a week or so out from having more ready.  This is the main item we want to have on hand at all times.   We had some problems getting the bushings made back in July but we are stocked up on those now.  The Extreme version of this bar is custom made and will always take some time.  We're hoping to drop that build time down to a couple of weeks or less, but that may not happen until October.  Until then, plan on waiting for the Extreme Track Bar (XTB as we call it).  

Track Bars - 3rd and 4th gen 2003 to 2012:   The company that makes these for us has been backed up and these are taking longer to ship than planned.  Our goal is to have these in stock as well as the 2nd gen bars, and we're working on implementing that just as soon as we get caught up on the current orders that we have.  

Long Arm Kits - 2nd through 4th gen:   We currently have some 3rd and 4th gen brackets on hand, and then we build the arms to order.  For 2nd gens, we are running about a week behind from having those brackets in stock all the time.  The plan is to keep the brackets on the shelf and send them out as soon as your order is placed, and then we'll build the arms to your specs since we make so many different versions and for different heights.  We plan to have the arms out the same week or next week after the order is placed.  Until the website is changed, follow the lead times posted on each product page for the long arms - they are accurate.  Adjustable arms get made faster than non-adjustable arms and that may not ever change.  The bent arms take a little more time but they are a big seller and we do plan on keeping those in stock in the future. 

Short Arms - 2nd through 4th gen:   We make a ton of short arm kits so I'm not going to post an update for each one, but basically we are caught up on short arm orders and actually have some in stock.  Check the product pages for accurate info.  If it says "in stock," then it's here.  If it says 1 week or more, we actually will get them out pretty quickly.  We have hired some more help and are knocking control arms out within a couple of days in most cases.  Of course things always come up, so email us if you have questions before you place your order.   As I'm typing this, we have 3 sets of the 3G/4G offset short arms in stock, and 6 more sets in powder coating.  So we're really building up some inventory on these arms.  

Suspension Kits - 2nd gen 1994 to 2001/2002:   Believe it or not, we are shipping full suspension kits out in a couple of weeks right now.  The only hold up is with Fox shocks - they have been on backorder and are really hard to get right now, but that should change in about a week (maybe two weeks).  We have the rest of the parts in stock or are able to make them in just a couple of weeks now.

Shackle Flip Kits - 2nd gen 1994 to 2001/2002:  These will be a stocked item in about a week.  We've been doing a lot of overtime to build up an inventory of these, and we'll continue building them to maintain our inventory level.  We had a lengthy wait on the zero rates for these kits, but the brackets and shackles are made in-house as well as the U bolt plates.  We source the zero rates and U bolts.  We're trying to keep enough of those parts on hand for about 10 to 20 orders at all times.  When these are listed as "in stock" on the site, they will ship the same day or next day.   Also, we are going to start putting bends in the U bolt plates now that we have a 20 ton press brake!  

Suspension Kits - 3rd and 4th gen 2003 to 2013:  We have the 3" kits shipping out in a couple of weeks right now.  Same deal with 2nd gen kits, if you order Fox shocks then there is a wait for those at the moment.  Otherwise the rest is either in stock or able to be made in just a week or two. 

Diff Covers - 2nd through 4th gens:   We're trying to keep the AAM 925, 1050, and 1150 covers in stock, as well as the D70 rear cover.  All other covers will take a couple of weeks.  We usually just keep 2 of each on hand so quantities can disappear pretty quickly, but we'll bump up the inventory as needed to support the order frequency.  

As I've stated, our goal right now is to get caught up on all orders and then build inventory up for our most popular products so those will be available to ship immediately.  We've always built each order as it came in, but now we're trying to switch over to being a stocking retailer of our own products.  We are also branching out with a dealer network, so please keep an eye on our Dealers page for current info.  We have a very large distributor coming on board just as soon as we are able to send all of the product photos and info over to them.  

If you have questions about a product not listed on here, first look and see if it is drop shipped.  If it's from Borgeson, Synergy, Carli, Pure Performance, Road Rhino, or otherwise not labeled as a DOR part, then it probably drop ships.  Most product pages will say that too.  What we do is send the order in to the manufacturer or one of their top level distributors, and they ship it for us.  That saves us from having to stock a ton of merchandise, which keeps overhead down, which helps keep our costs low, which keeps our prices low.  So if you followed all of that, we do this to save you money.  And we also pass along the great savings on drop-shipped products.  Sometimes those manufacturers run into snags of their own and can't send the products out as quickly as you want.  We try to keep you up to date but with some companies we really don't get a lot of info until the order has shipped.  It's not like we can walk out to the shop and see what the hold up is.  So please be understanding that we have submitted your order and are playing the waiting game with you.  




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