DOR 3rd/4th Gen 6" Suspension Kit 03-12 2500/3500
Ride height with 41" tires

DOR 3rd/4th Gen 6" Suspension Kit 03-12 2500/3500

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Our 6" suspension system is a great setup for those who want a really soft ride, tons of suspension travel, the toughest components you can buy, all at an affordable price.  This is not your typical "lift kit."  Each part in this suspension is designed to work together to give you the high performance suspension you have always wanted, without having to source parts elsewhere, and without costing a fortune.  Compare our suspension to any other 6" system on the market and you'll see why it's such a great deal.  You get the best of the best:

6" Progressive Rate Coil Springs, which are much softer than the factory springs or lift kit springs.  They provide a better ride and more suspension travel, while the progressively-wound process ensures that the springs do not come unseated as quickly as linear rate springs.  They also get more firm as the suspension compresses, helping to prevent the suspension from bottoming out too quickly.  

Dodge Off Road Extreme Long Arms, the strongest long arm kit available, with the longest arms, and the easiest install.  They are incredibly easy to adjust as well.  The brackets are made from 3/8" steel and use all Grade 8 hardware to bolt to your frame (no welding).  The upper and lower arms are made from 2" OD x .250" wall 1026 DOM tube, for unbeatable strength and no edges to catch on rocks or other obstacles.  And we use the largest Currie Johnny Joints available, with forged housings and 1.25" shanks.  The upper and lower arms are bent for extra tire clearance, while the upper arm is still bent to clear the body mounts. 

Dodge Off Road Adjustable Track Bar, made from 1.5" OD x .250" wall 1026 DOM tube, with a large FK uniball at the frame end and our heat-treated chromoly heim joint at the axle end.  We also include a 1/4" steel drop bracket to keep your track bar angle parallel with the drag link.  

Eagle Forge Drop Pitman Arm, so your drag link angle will match the track bar angle, to eliminate bumpsteer and keep your tie rod ends from wearing prematurely.  This is a forged piece, so you don't have to worry about it cracking or the splines getting stripped out like cheaper pitman arm.  

Dodge Off Road Sway Bar End Links, made from 1.25" OD DOM with 3/4" heim joints at both ends, these are extended end links so you don't have to run one of those Mickey Mouse sway bar drop brackets.  These are the largest and strongest end links ever made for a Ram truck, and they are adjustable on both ends. 

Fox 2.0 IFP shocks front and rear, valved specifically for this application, with aluminum bodies to prevent rust.  These are valved for a soft yet controlled highway ride, and excellent dampening at slow to medium speeds off road.  You can upgrade to remote reservoir shocks, or one of our 2.5" shock packages with extended travel for even more dampening power. 

Deaver Progressive Leaf Packs, for the rear suspension, providing you with a 4" lift and much softer spring rates, and much more travel than the stock springs can offer.  These are the best-riding leaf spring packs on the market.  By using a progressive stack, the transition from unloaded to fully compressed is much softer, rather than jumping from one spring rate to the next very abruptly.  The springs also have an offset center pin, which locates the rear axle back slightly, to help with tire clearance at full compression.  

Dodge Off Road 1" Shackles, to bring the rear suspension up an extra inch and give you a stronger shackle than the weak factory piece.  This will bring the rear suspension height up to 5", which helps maintain a slight rake to your truck.  This is very important for weight balance, steering feel, and to keep your truck from sagging as far when you tow.  The shackles are made from 1/4" HRPO steel and are greaseable for a long life. 

We also include extended stainless-braided, kevlar-reinforced, teflon-lined brake lines front and rear.  These brake lines are the strongest you can get, and will give you a more firm brake pedal since they do not expand like the factory rubber lines.  

Compare our 6" suspension system to any long arm suspension on the market, and you will see that we offer the most complete suspension at the lowest price (excluding cheap mass-produced suspensions, which don't belong off the highway anyway).   We are able to offer this kind of quality at this price because we build each kit to order, specifically for your truck.  Other suspensions may ship faster, but that's because they are all made the same.  Each truck is as different as it's owner, so we build each suspension to suit your needs, rather than trying to convince you that you should buy what we have in stock and be happy with it.  We offer more custom setups than any Dodge Ram company on the planet, which is only possible due to our extensive experience with these trucks.  

Upgrade options:

We offer the ability to upgrade to custom dual rate coilovers up front, which is a bolt-in setup and will give you an even softer ride, with 14" to 16" travel depending on your application.  The price for the upgrade includes the new towers and the shocks will be shipped fully assembled and charged with nitrogen, so you simply bolt them in and go.   The "front only" option will retain the standard Fox 2.0 IFP shocks in the rear, but we can set up the shock combo however you want so just email us before ordering.  

We also now offer our very popular rear 4 link with Fox 2.5 remote reservoir dual rate coilovers as an upgrade over the Deaver leaf packs in the rear suspension.  Selecting this option will delete the leaf packs, rear shocks, shackles, and U bolts.  You'll want to select Fox 2.5" Remote Resi Coilovers for the front to match the rear suspension spring rate and provide the most travel.  

This suspension fits all 2003-2013 Ram 2500 4x4 models, and all 2003-2012 Ram 3500 4x4 models, Hemi or Cummins.  Lift heights will be 6" up front and 5" in the back for a proper truck stance.   Towing capacity will be reduced by 15%, however there are many air bag setups on the market that can bring the tow rating back up if you need to tow heavy.  

Most customers will run 37" to 38" tires with this setup, however you can run 40" tires or larger with fender trimming and a custom front bumper.   The long arms are bent to clear the tires on basically all wheel configurations, but the best size is an 8" or 9" wide wheel with 4.5" to 5" of backspacing.  

With this suspension, you can have up to 14" suspension travel in the front and 15" suspension travel in the back, with our 2.5" custom valved shock packages.  With the standard Fox 2.0 shocks, you will have 12" travel front and rear, which is still very good.  For a daily driver/weekend warrior type of truck, a solid foot of suspension travel at each corner is more than you will ever need.  For those who really wheel their trucks hard and need the extra travel, either for rock crawling, trail riding, or running the wide open desert, the larger shocks will provide this extra travel while giving you a nice soft ride at higher speeds.  We supply new 3/16" steel shock towers up front, which accommodate larger and longer shocks.  With the rear 4 link option, you will have 18" travel in the rear! 

You may need front driveline modifications if your truck develops a vibration.  Most customers run a transfer case indexing ring, but we recommend a new front driveshaft that can handle the angle better than the stock shaft.  

If you have a two piece rear driveline, you will need a carrier bearing drop bracket to keep the rear driveline from vibrating. 

For those who opt for the long travel shock packages, you should run a new steering linkage, such as our T style or crossover setup (seen below), to help prevent the drag link from binding up when the suspension is at full droop.  

Always check clearances on your truck before you take it wheeling, as you may need to extend vent hoses, ABS lines, and clearance some metal to prevent damaging the truck.  If you have any suspension installed by someone else, make sure this is done before you get the truck back.  It is much easier to make adjustments in a shop, rather than trying to fix your truck on a trail.  

The Deaver leaf springs will drop ship and are sent motor freight, so we will need a commercial address to ship those to.  If you do not have a commercial address, you can usually meet the truck driver at a public parking lot and unload the springs by hand.  They are 90 lbs each so make sure you can handle the weight, or bring help - most drivers will not touch the cargo.  If you cannot meet the driver, there are surcharges for residential and lift gate deliveries that will cost extra and that will be reflected on the shipping total when you checkout. 

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