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For the DIY'er, our adjustable long arm kit is now available as a weld-it-yourself kit. This kit includes eight Johnny Joints, tube adapters, and jam nuts, plus our 3/8" long arm brackets (tacked together) and the mounting hardware for the brackets. We can also provide the DOM tubing if you would like. This takes all of the guesswork out of building your own long arms, giving you the ability to buy everything you need at once and then build the arms in a couple of hours. The joints are all 1.25" shank and come in RH and LH threads so the arms are adjustable on the truck. These are made for 2" OD 1/4" wall DOM tubing.

This kit is currently available for 2nd gens only. 

Long arm kits with straight arms will require at least 5" lift on your 2500/3500 4x4 truck, or 7" lift on 1500 4x4 trucks. If you cut the body mounts quite a bit, more room can be had. This kit is not plug and play, you will need to have some fabrication skills to make this work on lower lift heights specifically. We sell a premade kit with bent long arms for any lifts under 5". The bent arms are not available as a DIY kit at this time, and we do not offer this setup for 3rd and 4th gen trucks because they require a bent upper arm. 

Please note: If you select "yes" to add tubing, it comes pre-cut and the additional shipping is already figured in the price of the upgrade.

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