DOR Heavy Duty Steering Kit, Bolt-In, Standard Kit

DOR Heavy Duty Steering Kit, Bolt-In, Standard Kit

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*** This is our standard kit for 2500/3500 models, which does not include the Fox steering stabilizer or clamp.  Please see related items to purchase that kit. ***

DOR's Patented Heavy Duty Steering Kit, Bolt-In (No Drilling) kit.  This kit includes a new drag link, a new tie rod, with four rod ends that have been heat treated and then cryogenically frozen for the longest lifespan of any heim joints we have ever seen or used.  You also get our custom 4140 heat-treated chromoly tapered bolts for a bolt-on installation, plus the miscellaneous nuts and washers needed for installation.  Don't waste your time or money on standard tie rod end setups like the Mopar 08.5 factory steering or similar aftermarket setups - heims are much stronger and are 100% legal in all 50 states.  We powdercoat the drag link and tie rod with a high quality satin black finish, which is very durable and looks great.  This is a much stronger steering linkage than any other bolt-in setup available - it's strong enough to finish the Mint 400 under a Ram race truck we sponsored!  The Mint 400 is known as the toughest off road race in America, it takes place in the brutal Nevada desert each year.

The only thing this kit does not include by default is a provision for the stock steering stabilizer - we recommend that all kits use a high quality steering stabilizer such as the Fox 2.0 that we sell as an add-on.  You can use other brands as well if you already have one - just buy our stabilizer clamp if you don't have one that fits 1.5" OD tubing.  Cheap single or dual setups, or the stock stabilizer, will not give you the steering performance you are looking for.  Our single stabilizer will outperform those setups and will help tighten up your steering even more, and help with right-pull from larger aggressive tires.  If you are tired of spending money on steering band-aids and just having to replace those parts a year later, buy our full setup with the stabilizer and you will love the results. 

The Dodge Off Road Steering Kit is the result of over ten years of research and extreme testing in harsh off road environments, and daily driving on poorly maintained roads. What we have designed is a reliable, heavy duty steering system that meets all of our criteria, in a way that no other steering system can offer you.

1) Totally bolt-on install. No permanent modifications required. This is the only non-factory steering setup available that bolts right in (we own the patent on it). We use 4140 chromoly heat treated bolts that are custom made by our machine shop specifically for this application - nobody else has these.

2) Uncompromised strength. Thick-wall DOM 1026 tubing ensures that your tie rod and drag link will never bend, break, or otherwise let you down.  If they do, they are covered under our lifetime warranty. 

3) Easy to adjust and fine tune. Tie rod is one piece with adjustment at the heims, so you set it and forget it.  The drag link adjustment goes in 1/16" increments, so you can precisely center your steering wheel.

4) Works on all trucks (94-12), regardless of lift height and wheel size/backspacing.  If your stock steering fits, this will fit.  Also fits 2013 Ram 2500 models.  If you have a lowered truck or a huge truck, we can make a custom drag link for no extra charge.  

5) Proper steering geometry. Bumpsteer is designed out of this setup as much as possible thanks to the T-style design. The drag link does not bind up as quickly as stock when the suspension droops out, so there is less wear and tear, thanks to our  drag link heim being mounted in a better orientation (unlike crossover kits).

You will not find all five of these qualities with any other steering kit on the market. We can confidently say that, because we have tried all of them on our own trucks.  That is the advantage that DOR has over all other companies - we don't make parts to get rich, we make parts because they are needed for our trucks.  What we are manufacturing is a totally new approach to Dodge steering, where everything was designed from scratch using the best parts money can buy, with some custom machined hardware that nobody else in the world has, and all joints are totally replaceable by the customer if they ever wear out. So far we have seven years of abuse on these same joints in a similar application with no failures or replacements to date, and our research indicates that other people have had the same results on their own trucks.

There are a lot of aftermarket steering options out there. So what makes our steering kit so special?  We were the first company to offer a bolt-in setup, and we're still the only company using heim joints instead of failure-prone tie rod ends.  Our kit works on all trucks regardless of wheels or lift height, and it's made using the strongest materials money can buy. Unlike crossover steering kits, the DOR setup does not introduce excessive bumpsteer into your steering.  This setup is very similar to the 08.5+ Dodge factory steering in terms of geometry, however we use much stronger components and build the kit to be more user-friendly.  The Mopar steering upgrade has a good design, but the weak tie rod ends are still a problem and have been recalled multiple times.  Heims are safer because they are captured, meaning even if the ball came out of the housing, the entire assembly cannot get over the bolt hardware.  With standard tie rod ends, if the ball comes out of the housing, it's game over.  Tie rods also hate to be used at an angle, so they wear out much faster in drag link applications than heim joints do.  We use heim joints at all four connection points because they are stronger, safer, and they last longer. 

If you want to save a little money, or if you have already drilled your knuckles out for another steering setup and are unhappy with it, we do offer this kit as a drill-out option where you permanently modify the truck. See the related products section below.

This fits all Ram 2500 4x4 trucks from 1994 to 2013

This fits all Ram 3500 4x4 trucks from 1994 to 2012

If you have a Mopar steering upgrade box on your 2003-2008 truck and are using the Mopar-supplied flatter pitman arm, you will need to select the 08.5-13 option instead of your year model.  We have a shorter pitman arm bolt that works on the flat Mopar pitman arm better.  If you have a drop pitman arm on the Mopar 08.5 box, then this does not apply to you.  We're only referencing the pitman arm that comes with the Mopar steering box retrofit.  

If you have a 2nd gen 1500 model, please see part number 1013-1500 for the correct linkage for your application. 

If you have a 2013+ Ram 3500 and 2014+ Ram 2500 4x4 truck with the radius arm front end, we have a replacement steering kit available for those trucks separately on the site.  Look up part number 1039. 

5 Stars
Fixed my steering problems
I have a 2004.5 Ram 2500 with the CTD. I had purchased the newer Dodge steering from the 2010+ trucks and installed it on my truck, and thought I had found the fix to these shitty tie rods once and for all. 2 months after installing, the driver side TRE ripped in half as I was turning into my driveway (thank God). Looking at other options, basically it came down to crossover steering, another stock setup (nope), or this kit. I wanted bolt-in so that ruled out crossover for me and I didn't want to spend $500 on Thuren's stuff to make the Dodge kit stronger, when the passenger side tie rod end is still factory. I had seen some trash-talking online about DOR's steering setup but it seemed like most of it was from their competitors, Thuren being one of them, which is part of the reason I chose not to order his stuff. I emailed DOR to ask some questions. First I asked about the steering having a dead spot. They straight up told me that it will have a dead spot, that's how T style works, and you can remedy that with a good steering stabilizer. Second I wanted to know how long it would take to get, and they told me 2 to 3 weeks. It shipped 9 days after my order. When the box arrived, I could immediately tell this was a serious upgrade - the damn box weighs 50 lbs at least. They take a lot of time to package and pre assemble everything so you won't have any issues. Instructions were very clear. I literally threaded the heims into the tubes, adjusted it out, put this kit on, and have been driving it ever since. I did opt for the Fox stabilizer as they recommended and have had it on the whoel time, so I don't know if the tie rod flop is an issue without that or not, but I can say that it isn't a problem for me with this stabilizer. Which is another quality piece - the clamp is like 1/2" thick steel, and of course Fox shocks are very high quality too. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the way this transaction went and with the quality of the product as a whole. I had read the threads online, it's total bullshit. In the end, I'm glad I didn't listen to any of it and just made the decision to try this kit out. Thank you DOR for making a product that solves the horrible factory steering issues once and for all, and thanks for not letting internet trolls get in your way. As I found out, none of them have any idea what they are talking about - the ones I talked to had never even seen this steering kit except online. GO figure.
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Reviewed by:  from Orange County, CA. on 8/31/2014
5 Stars
I was one of the first people to get this kit back in early 2013, back when it used tie rod ends like a regular steering kit. Danny ended up changing to heim joints shortly thereafter and sent me a new kit to replace the first one, at no charge. First, the customer service has always been awesome. Second, the steering kit has worked great since I got it and I haven't had to touch it since installing two years ago. The stock stuff would have been worn out once or twice by now, so this was money well spent. I expect the heims to last at least a few more years, maybe longer.
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Reviewed by:  from Springdale, AR. on 3/3/2015
5 Stars
bolt on steering kit
I just got my steering kit and opened the box :-) this stuff looks amazing and very heavy duty...tightened my sloppy steering right up, install was very easy... very happy customer...will be ordering more from you guys soon
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Reviewed by:  from Anderson, Indiana. on 12/3/2013
5 Stars
Top Notch Kit
I put this steering system on last summer after ditching my 08.5 "upgrade". Factory stuff is weak and doesn't last, especially if you're running 37" tires and an 8" lift. This kit bolted right in and took me less than an hour to get everything together. My truck is the one in the photos shown and I haven't had any problems to date. Just make sure to get the heims aligned to where they can rotate and move freely. This kit is heavy and strong, just what i needed. Dodge Offroad delivered and I couldn't be happier.
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Reviewed by:  from Tennessee. on 5/7/2015
5 Stars
fits good, looks good, works good
After ordering the kit and patiently waiting a few weeks, I finally got it. Packaged really well, and I like how the hardware is pre assembled so it takes the guess work out of the install. The tube is very heavy, the welds look amazing, and the hex tube adapters make adjustments and tightening the jam nuts very easy. It all goes together really quickly and is easy to adjust. Works great on my bone stock truck, and now I don't have to worry about the junk factory steering linkage anymore. Dodge should just put this setup on the trucks at the plant lol
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Reviewed by:  from oregon. on 3/9/2015

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DOR Heavy Duty Steering Kit, Bolt-In, Stabilizer Included
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