Dick Cepek Long Arm Kit - 1994 to 2001 Ram 1500/2500/3500
Full 6" system, in production 1997 to 2011

Dick Cepek Long Arm Kit - 1994 to 2001 Ram 1500/2500/3500

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Dick Cepek Long Arm Kit
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This kit has been discontinued as of October 2011 due to the manufacturer closing. Dodge Off Road has acquired the design and improved it drastically, offering you four different kits based on this design, but using much stronger materials. Please see our related items below for more information.  This is simply an informational page copied from our old site.  

The original long arm system for 2nd gen Ram trucks, developed in 1997 by Extreme Suspensions for Dick Cepek. This kit has been used on thousands of trucks with excellent results. By using long arms, your lifted truck will ride better on the highway and have more suspension travel. Short arms are not acceptable to use with more than 7" suspension lift because of their operating angle at ride height and how poorly the truck handles with the arms in that position. Plus the short arms give you a horrible ride quality and no suspension travel. Long arms fix all of those problems and give your truck better-than-stock handling characteristics, with articulation like you've never experienced in a Ram truck.

If you already own a Cepek long arm kit and are looking for bushings or other replacement parts, unfortunately there aren't many available. The Cepek bushings were a custom size that nobody else makes. You can find the axle-side bushings on Energy Suspension's website, but the bushings for the frame brackets are not available. The only options are to cut the Cepek arms and weld new bushings on, weld a tube adapter and use a suspension joint, or switch to some custom arms. If you upgrade to the DOR long arms, you'll get stronger brackets that bolt in the same holes on the frame, and you'll get stronger arms with bushings and joints that can be replaced years down the road if needed. Our brackets are designed to run a regular-sized bushing/joint, not a custom piece.

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