Dodge Off Road 2nd Gen Front Air Bump Kit
Front brackets ready to weld to your truck

Dodge Off Road 2nd Gen Front Air Bump Kit

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For those who truly use their 2nd gen trucks offroad and are looking for the highest quality bumpstop setup available, we are now offering our bumpstop kit separately from the Extreme suspension packages.  Air bumps are used on trucks that need heavy duty bumpstops to prevent bottoming out your suspension, when a polyurethane bumpstop won't work for repeated hits.  Air bumps are commonly used on trucks that race in the desert or trucks that are jumped, or otherwise beat on hard enough where the suspension bottoms out regularly.  These bumps will contact your axle with 4" or less or suspension compression left, and help protect your expensive shocks and springs from damaging hits.  Anybody who needs air bumps already knows what they are, but up until now your only option was to do the fabrication work yourself.  This is the first and only pre-fabbed air bump kit in the world for 2nd gen trucks. 

This air bump kit must be welded on and you will need to cut a small bracket off of your frame for the new air bump bracket to work.  Once the factory tab/bracket is removed, you can easily place the new air bump bracket on the frame.  We utilize Fox 2.0 air bumps, which are a rebuildable, tunable, high quality nitrogen and oil-filled mini shock that is velocity-sensitive, with a slow rebound so that you don't have multiple hits on the bumpstops in quick succession.  These are often called hydro bumps, which is short for hydro-pneumatic, aka fluid and air.  Whatever you call them, these Fox bumpstops are extremely high quality with a large 1-1/4" shaft and a zinc finish so they look new for a long time.  The Fox bumps bolt into bump cans that are machined from DOM tubing, which are then welded to our CNC-cut frame brackets.  The frame brackets are made from 1/4" HRPO and come fully welded, you just need to weld them to your frame.  Our axle mount bump pads bolt on over the factory control arm mount and can be welded to help prevent them from moving. 

To fine tune the suspension, you will want to have the air bumps fully collapsed when the shocks still have at least 1/2" of shaft showing.  Then you can adjust the air bump pressure to your liking, and revalve the bumps if needed to work with your particular spring and shock package.  If you have our 3" springs up front or our 3" coilovers, you won't have to do much more than bolt this system on and enjoy it.  We still recommend cycling your suspension to make sure the bumps engage when you want them to, and that they bottom out before your shocks do.  You can use air bump stop shaft spacers if needed to limit the travel of the bump shaft.  Contact us if you need more information on these spacers once you have begun the install process. 

Bumpstop specs:

2.0" Travel - 9.66" Extended - 7.66" Collapsed
2.5" Travel - 11.00" Extended - 8.5" Collapsed
3" Travel - 13.10" Extended - 10.10" Collapsed
4" Travel - 14.10" Extended - 10.10" Collapsed

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