Dodge Off Road 5th Gen 6" Suspension Kit 2014-2018 Ram 2500 4x4
6" Lift with 37" Tires

Dodge Off Road 5th Gen 6" Suspension Kit 2014-2018 Ram 2500 4x4

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The new 5th gen Ram 2500 trucks with radius arm front suspensions and coil spring rear suspensions are an awesome platform to build the nicest-riding 4x4 truck you can get. Our new 6" suspension system is the absolute best 6" suspension system on the market for these trucks, not only in terms of quality but also in value.  We have put together a setup that completely blows away anything offered elsewhere, giving you the best-riding, most offroad-capable truck you can have while still having highway manners that are better than stock.  If you want a lifted truck that rides really good and handles the worst roads with ease, allows you to explore trails in all types of terrain, and is built using the best-designed, strongest components available, this is the suspension you need.  

Our 6" suspension system consists of 6" front progressive rate coil springs, 4" rear progressive rate coil springs, Fox 2.0 IFP shocks (you can upgrade these in the options), new end links for the front, a drop pitman arm, a front track bar drop bracket, and heavy duty adjustable track bars front and rear so you can keep the axles centered and prevent death wobble.  We also include our adjustable long arm system using 2" OD x .250" wall DOM upper and lower arms with Currie Johnny Joints and 1/4" mounting brackets, rear dual adjustable control arms using the same tubing with Johnny Joints. 

There are less expensive "lift kits" out there but none will improve the ride quality and give as much suspension travel as our system does. We don't just want to lift your truck, we want to make it drive and steer better than stock. When you own an expensive brand new truck, you don't want to cheap out on the suspension. Here is a parts breakdown on this suspension: 

6" Front Progressive Rate Coil Springs, 20% softer than stock for a very smooth ride and 14" of wheel travel

4" Rear Triple Rate Coil Springs, 15% softer than stock for a much smoother ride when unloaded and 14" of wheel travel

Single adjustable long arms using Currie Johnny Joints at the frame and fixed clevis mounts at the axle.  The upper and lower arms are 2" OD x .250" wall DOM with 1.25" shank Johnny Joints, and the lower arm bolts into the factory radius arm mount.  The new upper arm mount easily bolts to the frame by drilling a few holes.  All hardware is included and there is no cutting required.  The long arms will provide more tire clearance and fix the coil bow issue, giving you a better ride, more suspension travel, and better performance from the front suspension.  The upper arm is bent to clear the body mount and the lower arm is bent to give you more tire clearance than stock. 

Fox 2.0 IFP shocks front and rear, tuned for your truck and these spring rates. You can also upgrade to remote resi shocks if you need the extra dampening. 

Heavy Duty Adjustable Front Track Bar, made from 1.5" OD DOM tubing with an adjustable Johnny Joint at the axle and a fixed Johnny Joint at the frame end.

1/4" steel front track bar drop bracket that keeps the track bar and drag link angles parallel for no bumpsteer.

1.25" OD front sway bar end links with 3/4" chromoly heim joints to replace your weak factory end links and compensate for the extra lift without the use of cheap drop brackets. 

Forged drop pitman arm with a better bend profile than the stock arm, to decrease your drag link angle and also prevent the TRE from wearing prematurely.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Rear Track Bar, made from 1.5" OD DOM tubing with adjustable 1" shank Johnny joints at both ends.

Rear dual adjustable control arms made from 2" OD x .250" wall DOM tube, using 1.25" shank Currie Johnny Joints at both ends for maximum articulation and strength. 

Recommend upgrade:  Add our 5th gen steering linkage for a much stronger setup, that handles the articulation of the suspension much better than the stock linkage. See part number 1039. 

With this setup, you can easily clear 37" tires on just about any wheel, and you can clear 40" tires on 8" or 9" wide wheels with 4.5" to 5.5" of backspacing. 

This kit fits 2014 through 2017 Ram 2500 4x4 diesel and gas trucks.

Power Wagon models will get 5" front lift and 3.5" lift in the back over stock height. 

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