Dodge Off Road Ram 1500 Rear Track Bar 2009-2017
Fits 2009 and up Ram 1500 4x4 Trucks

Dodge Off Road Ram 1500 Rear Track Bar 2009-2017

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New for July 2016, we are stepping into the 4th gen Ram 1500 market with several rear suspension products.  This heavy duty adjustable rear track bar is the strongest, best-made rear track bar on the market for your 2009+ Ram 1500 4x4 rear suspension.  We use superior materials and this should be the last track bar you ever have to buy for your truck.  

Regardless of what suspension you are running, this track bar will give you some serious beef in the rear end of the truck, replacing the weak factory unit or aftermarket bar you have.  Our track bar is 1.5" OD x .250" wall DOM tube that is precision bent in our CNC bender to clear your rear diff cover, and then we run Currie 7/8" shank Johnny Joints at one end, and our high quality 7/8" chromoly heat-treated heim joint at the frame end to give you superior strength and misalignment.  The Johnny Joint is greaseable and rebuildable, and the heim joint is sealed.  We can upgrade the heim joint end to another Johnny Joint for a small upcharge. We use a heim joint at the frame end because it's tucked up out of the way from mud, sand, salt, and water, and it allows more misalignment than the Johnny Joint does.  This lets your suspension move around more freely.  Most customers running our heim joints will get a minimum of 5 years out of the joint before it needs to be replaced, and we do sell replacements.  The joint at the axle end is stronger and is greaseable, so it will handle water, mud, etc. much better than a heim joint does.  If you live in an area where you expect the heim to get covered by debris regularly, then we recommend upgrading to Johnny Joints at both ends.  If you live in a dry climate or if you don't take your truck off road much, the heim joint is a very strong and reliable part, so there is no need to upgrade in that case. 

 The factory rear track bar is non-adjustable and made from thin steel, with cheap rubber bushings on both ends.  It's not what you would want in the rear of a coil-sprung rear suspension.  Our track bar is made to fit stock height trucks, and will adjust out far enough to work on trucks with 12" lift or more.  It works with all drop brackets, as long as the drop bracket works with the stock track bar width and bolt hole size.  This is a direct replacement piece with no drilling, and you'll reuse your factory mounting hardware.  The ends are reverse threaded so you can actually adjust this track bar right on the truck by loosening the jam nuts and spinning the bar.  Alignment doesn't get any easier than that! 

If you have an aftermarket rear suspension, you can avoid using cheap drop brackets that are included in most suspensions and just bolt this right up and adjust it out to center your rear axle.  It works great on rear suspension heights up to 6" without a drop bracket.  Don't introduce a weak point in your rear suspension by bolting a piece of steel between the track bar and frame; just use this track bar and you are good to go. 

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