Dodge Off Road Shackle Flip Kit 81-93

Dodge Off Road Shackle Flip Kit 81-93

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DOR's shackle flip is the only complete shackle flip setup on the market. By removing your stock rear leaf spring shackle mount, you are able to bolt up our 1/4" steel frame bracket using 1/2" Grade 8 hardware, then bolt one of our 3/8" steel adjustable shackles using a 5/8" Grade 8 bolt to your stock or aftermarket leaf springs, for a much softer ride on your 1st Gen Dodge. The shackle flip provides 5" of lift as well as cuts the spring rate in half, while maintaining full towing capacity. You can use this flip kit by itself to gain the lift you want, or use it with aftermarket leaf springs for other lift heights. This is a great way to achieve a better ride without spending $1,000 or more on new leaf spring packs, and the new components are much stronger than the weak factory parts. The simple bolt-on installation can be done with basic tools and requires no drilling.

Kit includes two frame brackets, two 3/8" adjustable shackles, our custom-built 1" thick zero rates with Grade 9 center pins, all new Grade 8 hardware for the shackle flip brackets and shackles, and instructions. Zero rates are mandatory on all shackle flip kits unless your leaf springs have multiple center pin locations; our kit is the only one that includes the required hardware and is the only kit with adjustable shackles.

Optional U bolt flip is a great way to upgrade your U bolts to the round style where the nuts mount on top of the leaf pack. If you don't use our U bolt flip, you will need to drill a hole in the U bolt plate that goes on top of your leaf pack to allow the offset center pin to line up. You will need new U bolts anyway, so it's recommended to buy our U bolt flip unless you already have one. Flipping the U bolts gives you a cleaner install and provides more ground clearance under the rear axle.

Works on all 1st gen Ram trucks and Ramchargers from 1972-1993, 4x4 or 2x4. This could possibly work on older Rams as well, you might have to drill some holes in the frame and the lift height could be different.

Our shackles are adjustable 1/4" in either direction (3 mounting positions) so you can fine tune your height and also compensate for driver side lean.