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Dodge Off Road Tire Balancing Beads
DOR Balancing Beads

Dodge Off Road Tire Balancing Beads

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If you have a truck with big tires, you probably know how hard it is to balance your wheels and tires.  It's something that we all fight, in an effort to get the smoothest ride with the least amount of vibration possible.  Large tires are hard to balance with wheel weights because the weights are so far away from the tread of the tires, where the balancing needs to happen.  Years ago, companies started making balancing beads that you pour inside your tire to solve that problem.  Centrifugal force throws the beads against the inside of the tire tread and self-balances to give you a perfect ride on the highway.  You can get these balancing beads from a number of sources now, and they are all basically the same.  What we are offering is a less expensive version of the same beads everyone else sells.  We buy these in bulk, weigh them, and bag them here, and pass the savings onto our customers.  Each bag is shipped pre-weighed and you just simply open it up, pour the beads inside your tire, reseat the bead, and drive.  You won't need to run wheel weights as long as you have enough ounces of the balancing beads in your tire.  See our chart below for recommended weights based on your tire size.  Since we bag these ourselves, if you need a custom weight, just give us a call and we can get you setup with whatever you need. 

Installation is easy.  There is no special valve stem or anything like that.  Just pour these directly inside the tire with the tire partially mounted to the wheel.  If you are installing new tires, this is very easy to do.  If you want to add these to your existing tires, you'll need to break the bead in one small spot, just large enough to pour the balancing beads into.  Then reseat the bead and you are good to go.  If you already have wheel weights, that is fine.  The balancing beads will counteract any unbalanced areas.  

If you aren't sure which weight to go with, pick the higher ounce bag.  You cannot have too many ounces, but you can have too few.  The larger and more aggressive your tread, the more ounces you will want.  For instance, a 40" Toyo MT will not require as much balancing media as a 40" Bogger.  If you are unsure, just get the larger bag. It's easier to add more ounces the first time, than to have to go back and add more later.  The extra beads will spin around the tire and self-balance, so you really don't have to worry about putting too many ounces in your tire. 

8 oz bags for 30" to 33" tires
10 oz bags for 33" to 35" tires
12 oz bags for 35" to 38" tires
14 oz bags for 38" to 40" tires
16 oz bags for 41" to 44" tires
18 oz bags for 44" to 47" tires
20 oz bags for anything above that
Heavier military tires will need 20 to 24 ounces, depending on overall height.

These also work on RVs and motorhomes, military trucks, 18 wheelers, trailers, basically anything with tires that goes over 35 mph. 

These are sold per bag, so you will need four bags for a regular truck, or six bags for a dually.  

These beads DO work with Mopar TPMS valves.  If you have another brand, you may need to use a filtered sensor.  The beads roll around the center of the tire, where the sensor is on the edge, so there is no contact between the beads and sensor at speed.  Unlike smaller silica-based media, these ceramic beads are large enough that they should not clog up any sensors or valve stems. 

Balancing beads will fix any radial imbalance you have, but they will not fix lateral imbalance.  That can only be fixed with wheel weights, or sometimes not at all.  If your wheels already have weights on them, the beads will help balance the tire in addition to the wheel weights.  They work great together. 

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