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Posted by Danny on 10/28/2015 to Product Updates
It's been a while since we've released any new products, but it hasn't been due to a lack of ideas.  I have a couple of large whiteboards in the office that I'm always drawing on, coming up with new parts that the Dodge world needs.  The problem we've had is that the demand for our existing products has been so high, we just haven't had the ability to add more products to the mix.  In fact, we've had to kill off several products just to keep build times down.  

2015 has been a huge year for us, all the way around.  We have a new shop, a highly trained crew, and a lot more equipment than we've ever had.  Things are getting done so much faster than they ever had, and we actually have a lot of products in stock all the time now, which is a first for us.  So with everything getting more manageable, we're finally releasing some products that we've been working on for a long time.  I haven't mentioned them much because we were not in a position to answer a lot of questions, knowing that the products would not be for sale for some time.  Now that we are just about ready to launch, here is some info on upcoming new products. 

First, the 5th gen steering brace.  This fits 2013+ Ram 3500 trucks, and 2014+ Ram 2500 trucks.  It is very similar to our 4th gen brace, however we had to make two changes to allow it to work without modifying the truck at all.  The new trucks have a lip on the frame that prevents the brace from bolting up as-is, so we had to change the mounting method a little bit.  We also built the brace around a torsion sway bar, so the two products can be used together.  Previous braces had some interference and we wanted to correct that, since torsion sway bars are such good upgrades to these trucks.   The 5th gen steering brace is the same price as our 3rd and 4th gen braces ($150), and they are available on the site already: 

The next product is our own torsion sway bar.  We've been making these for about a year, but only with our Extreme 3" suspension kits.  They were not available by themselves, but now they will be.  These are not on the site yet but will be added soon.  This will be the only 2nd gen torsion sway bar on the market, and we're also making them for all 2003-2012 models, and the new 2013+ trucks.  The 2nd gen model will be released first, then the 3rd and 4th gen models, and finally the 5th gen model, which has a lighter rate than the earlier models due to the radius arm setup.  Pricing will be lower than any comparable products and we will build these to order at first, with build times in the 5 to 10 day range.   

The torsion sway bars also include our new huge sway bar end links, which are bigger than any other end links on the market.  They are 1.25" OD tube with 3/4" shank chromoly heims.  I'll get some pictures of them next to other end links for comparison; they look like mini control arms and in fact many Jeeps run this same size tube and heim on their control arms.  The reason we are making them this size is to allow the use of larger heims, which will last much longer than the standard wimpy 1/2" and 5/8" heims everyone else uses.  They are going under a big heavy truck, the extra beef is a good idea.   We will stock 3" and 6"/7" lift height end links, and we have the ability to make custom end links in just a few days.  So anybody that has a huge truck and wants longer end links, we're able to build whatever you need, any length.  This will allow you to get rid of those stupid sway bar drop brackets and just mount the sway bar to the frame like it should be.  Pricing will be a little better than our current end links, since we are doing these in-house the price will be able to come down.  Keep an eye out for these very soon, probably next week. 

One product I've been very tight-lipped about is our new adjustable radius arms for the new trucks.  I didn't want to say much but we've been very excited about these for a while now.  I had planned to release them early this month but we're a few weeks behind.  These new radius arms solve a few problems, and they are the only arms on the market to do so.  First, when you lift a newer truck, the coils want to bow unless you use drop brackets on the radius arms.  Well, drop brackets are just another weak spot and I don't like using them, so our new arms are adjustable so that you can change the caster without the need to lower the rear mounting point.  The arms hang down enough as it is, we don't want to reduce ground clearance even more.   The other issue is that the factory radius arms really don't give you much room for tire clearance, and we've corrected that.  Our new arms are bent to provide all the tire clearance anybody could need, even on stock wheels with wide tires.   The third benefit is that the arms are adjustable, so you can move your axle forward if you want.  If you are running a high clearance front bumper or have cut your factory bumper, you can make a lot of extra room for larger tires by moving the axle forward just 1/2" to 1".  This will be very easy to do with our radius arms.   These are also going to be the beefiest radius arms you've ever seen in your life, which isn't that surprising to anybody who has seen our other products.  Each arm has over 90 lbs worth of steel, which means they have to be shipped on a pallet, but the beef is needed since the radius arms hang down and will be used as rock sliders in some cases.  We're using huge Currie joints for the adjustable parts, so you'll have a lot more misalignment out of these arms than the factory arms allow for, plus they are much stronger than bushings.  Unfortunately there isn't a replacement joint for the axle mounts yet, since they are pressed in, but eventually when those come out, they'll work perfectly with our radius arms.  Price isn't set in stone yet but we're going to be competitive with other radius arm setups.  These will bolt right up using the factory mounts, so there is no drilling or grinding involved.  You will need a jack to bolt them up.  We're doing an install video this week. 

Also for the new trucks, our much-anticipated steering linkage kit is almost ready.  We've been working on this for over a year, and had some issues getting the parts made correctly in the past.  We're working with a new machine shop that is just right up the road from our new shop, where they make aircraft parts every day, and we're finally getting custom machined stuff done quickly and correctly the first time.  Our new tapered bolts for the 2014+ linkage are being made this week, sent to heat treating next week, and should be ready on the site mid-November.  This is a full heim steering setup that bolts up to the factory crossover knuckle configuration, and it's much stronger than the factory steering.  It will be available with the Fox stabilizer and clamp, for a complete upgrade that will last many years without fear of sheared tie rod ends.  If you want to upgrade your steering once and not worry about it again, this is what you need.  We'll have some package deals with our front and rear adjustable track bars and steering brace too.  

Once these products are available, we'll start working on the next round.  Keep an eye on the site for more updates! 

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