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Posted by Danny on 4/18/2016 to Shop Updates
In our effort to always improve, we now have a very large powder coating oven that will allow us to coat all of our products!  Up to this point, we've only been able to powdercoat smaller items, like short arms and braces, but not steering, track bars, or long arms.  We have coated the long arm brackets, but the arms have shipped in bare steel.  Starting with all orders placed April 15th and on, we'll be shipping everything with black powdercoat.  We aren't doing custom powder colors, it's just going to be a satin black.  If you want a different color, you can still let us know in the order comments to ship in bare steel so you can finish the products how you want.  

A little history - when we first started making parts, everything shipped in bare steel.  We had some customers ask for powder coating so I looked into it and was able to buy a small oven and gun setup that would work for most of our products, back in 2012.  When we started coating products, we didn't raise our prices for this extra service at all, and never have.  So with the new oven we had delivered last week, even though it was a very expensive piece of equipment, we still aren't going to increase prices.  You are getting a very high quality finish, for a bare steel price.  We've worked hard to keep prices the same over the years, when it seems like everyone else in the world just keeps raising them.  

So from now on, all long arms, steering kits, track bars, and everything else will be powder coated when you get it.  We still have an emphasis on making off road parts for off road trucks, but we understand that a lot of people put an emphasis on how things "look" as much as how functional and heavy duty those parts are.  We're not going to be doing color changing headlights and stretching tires (ever), but powder coating all of our products with a high quality finish is something we can certainly appreciate.  It may take a little time to get all of the products updated on the site, so I wanted to post this on the blog as a blanket statement.  

Thanks for keeping our business growing and improving! 



william obrien
Date: 5/9/2016
That's awesome your doing it in house, I was surprised to see the steering kit done, I ordered it plain steel but it came in coated !. and faster than I expected being ordered bare , parts look great I guess the new oven's working out for you, thanks !!

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