Product Updates - November 10th, 2014

Posted by Danny on 11/10/2014 to Product Updates
Steering Braces - 2nd Gen 1994 to 2001/2002 models:   All in stock, shipping same day!  

Steering Braces - 3rd and 4th Gen 2003 to 2012 models:  As of this week, these will be in stock all of the time just like our 2nd gen braces!  Keep an eye on the product page to see when they are on the shelf and ready to go.  

T-Style Steering Linkage Kits - 2nd through 4th gen trucks:  We dropped the build time on these and are getting them sent out much faster now.  We are currently in between runs on the tapered bolts for bolt-in kits, but drill-out kits can go out pretty quickly.  Bolt-in kits will take a couple of weeks once ordered. 

Crossover Steering Kits - All Years:   We are making these to order at the moment, however as long as we have the tubing here, these are made in a few days after your order comes in.  

Track Bar Kits - 2nd gen 1994 to 2001/2002:   We are switching the HD track bar setup to where it uses a smaller version of our Extreme Track Bar Johnny Joint, rather than a bushing.  Right now we are waiting on Currie to make these joints for us and send them out.  Until they come in, we're still sending track bars with the old style bushings.  While the bushings have worked great for us, switching to joints will save time and also gives you a better product.  We're always trying to raise the bar and that's all this is.  It looks like the joints should be here this week or next week.  Our intention is to keep track bar kits in stock at all times, and once the joints are here I don't think we'll have any issues doing that. 

Track Bars - 3rd and 4th gen 2003 to 2012:   All current orders on these have been sent out and we have a couple of them in stock.  We're going to start making them totally in-house to avoid the delays in the future, so these will be a stocked item before too long.  It will take a few weeks to get the jig setup and start making them. 

Long Arm Kits - 2nd through 4th gen:   Basically we are building the long arm brackets as quickly as possible, and sending long arm orders out as fast as we can.  Depending on which setup you get (there are eight different arm options) the wait time could be a week to 6 weeks - the product pages will let you know how long to expect to wait.   We make the baddest long arms on the planet and the wait times reflect that - we can only build so many per day and are running at capacity on these until we are able to beef up our production with new equipment, which is in the works already.  

Short Arms - 2nd through 4th gen:   We make a ton of short arm kits so I'm not going to post an update for each one, but basically we are caught up on short arm orders and actually have some in stock.  Check the product pages for accurate info.  If it says "in stock," then it's here.  If it says 1 week or more, we actually will get them out pretty quickly.  We have hired some more help and are knocking control arms out within a couple of days in most cases.  Of course things always come up, so email us if you have questions before you place your order.  We have several sets of our most popular short arms in stock at the moment. 

Suspension Kits - 2nd gen 1994 to 2001/2002:   These are going out in 2 weeks to 6 weeks right now, depending on what options you order.  Long arms add a month, coilovers add 6 weeks.  The basic setup with coils, short arms, shocks, and a shackle flip go out pretty quickly, usually the same week. 

Shackle Flip Kits - 2nd gen 1994 to 2001/2002:  The 2500 and 3500 versions are in stock if you have a one piece driveshaft; we're waiting on a re-supply for the tapered zero rates for the two piece driveshaft orders.  Those should be here in a couple of weeks.  The 1500 version is in stock now and should always be in stock. 

Suspension Kits - 3rd and 4th gen 2003 to 2013:  We have the 3" kits shipping out in a matter of days right now, and actually they could probably go the same day depending on options.  Long arms will slow these down, and if you add the track bar then we're backed up on those, but the rest of the parts are ready to roll.  

Diff Covers - 2nd through 4th gens:   We're changing things up a little and going to start making these 100% in-house.  We were having the blanks bent elsewhere to save time, but as a way to lower costs and keep the inventory on hand, we bought a new 20 ton press and will start bending everything here.  Our plan is to keep the AAM 925, 1050, and 1150 covers in stock.  We'll probably make the Dana 60 and Dana 70 covers to order.  If anybody has a Dana 80 stock cover they want to send in, we can start making those as well.  

If you have questions about a product not listed on here, first look and see if it is drop shipped.  If it's from Borgeson, Synergy, Carli, Pure Performance, or otherwise not labeled as a DOR part, then it probably drop ships.  Most product pages will say that too.  What we do is send the order in to the manufacturer or one of their top level distributors, and they ship it for us.  That saves us from having to stock a ton of merchandise, which keeps overhead down, which helps keep our costs low, which keeps our prices low.  So if you followed all of that, we do this to save you money.  And we also pass along the great savings on drop-shipped products.  Sometimes those manufacturers run into snags of their own and can't send the products out as quickly as you want.  We try to keep you up to date but with some companies we really don't get a lot of info until the order has shipped.  It's not like we can walk out to the shop and see what the hold up is.  So please be understanding that we have submitted your order and are playing the waiting game with you.  


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