Product updates - May 18th, 2015

Posted by Danny on 5/18/2015 to Product Updates
This may be one of the last product updates I do on a regular basis. Over the course of the last year, we have transitioned from building everything to order, to having some products on hand. The goal has been to get shipping times down as low as possible while still offering a custom-built approach to your products. We are very close to completing this transition and you may have noticed that every month, we have more and more products "in stock" than we did in the months prior. The last piece of the puzzle is to have long arm kits and bolt-in T style kits in stock, and we'll be there. We are also going to start stocking many of the items that we normally would drop ship, which will help cut down on backorders and delays with those products, as well as reduce confusion by being able to ship everything together. We just haven't had the warehouse space to store everything in the past, but that has all changed and we are now starting to move things into the new shop. DOR will encompass 3 buildings totaling about 10,000 square feet on 10 acres, so there is a lot of room to expand when the time comes. We are very excited to transition into a more efficient phase in our company's growth, and looking forward to getting our parts under a lot more Dodge trucks!

So with that said, we are basically caught up on everything right now except for a few products:

Long arms - We're still slowly getting joints in from Currie, however all long arm orders that are currently pending should be shipped out by May 29th. That includes the non-adjustable 2nd gen arms, which we have a few sets on order - we were waiting on bushings for those.  Many long arm kits are going out over the next couple of days but we still have a few sets of arms to make to be totally caught up. We have 30 sticks of tube being delivered this Friday (that's 600 feet of long arms!) and it will just take a few days to make the arms once the tube is here. We also have secured a new steel supplier that will be able to keep us stocked up, where our previous suppliers simply could not handle the volume. We are the largest purchaser of DOM tubing in Arkansas and probably in the region surrounding us, so it took some work to find a place that can keep it flowing.

Bolt-in T style steering kits - We were caught up, but you guys kept ordering these and now we are out of tapered bolts again. The next batch should be here in 2 to 3 weeks and it's 6 times the size of our usual order, so we'll have enough on hand to fulfill all orders, plus what we expect to sell between now and then, plus enough to have about 20 steering kits on the shelf. These will be an in-stock item as soon as we can get the purchasing of supplies dialed in. Every time we order up, but the sales keep out-pacing our supply. The next batch should fix that and then we'll keep ordering parts to keep these things on the shelf. There are a few companies trying to get into the bolt-in steering game and having a hard time figuring out how to make it work, but we've been making these for over 2 years now and without a doubt have the best setup. So keep the orders coming, we'll get the steering kits stocked up and we'll keep coming up with innovative products that other companies want to try and duplicate.

Borgeson boxes/shafts/steering upgrades - We have always drop shipped the Borgeson products, but the time has come to just start stocking them here and shipping them with our products, which will cut down on the "where is the rest of my stuff?!" emails. We have never charged extra shipping on the drop ships, so there won't be any savings in that regard, but at least your entire order will show up the same day and will be checked by us before it leaves here. So those who have any Borgeson products on order, sit tight for a little bit, we're waiting on the pallet to come in and then we'll ship your steering parts out.

Everything else is either in stock or we are making it in 3 to 5 business days and shipping it to you, so just look at the shipping dates on the product page and keep an eye on your inbox for tracking info. It's taken a long time and a LOT of hard work to get to this point, but things are going to be much more customer-friendly from now on. We also hired more help, including a very professional lady who will be helping with emails and phone calls. We will even be taking phone orders starting sometime in June! It has been a struggle at times to keep up with the demand, and a lot of time has gone into the training and development of the people we have working here, but we are finally in a position to really sling some parts.

We're also going to be working on several truck builds, and these aren't your typical bolt-on/off the shelf lift kits that everyone else posts all over the place. We are about to build 3 trucks into something that you've never seen before, and we'll document the whole thing on our site, Facebook, and Instagram. So if you aren't following us on at least one of those sites, you will want to.  We also have a YouTube channel that we'll start putting some footage on as soon as I fix the drone... it had a bad accident at 35 mph right into a burning tree.  But that's what happens when you hang with DOR. 

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