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Posted by Danny Gaston on 3/17/2016 to Shop Updates
It's been a while since I've updated our blog, so I wanted to take a few minutes and update everyone on some new things that are happening here.  

We spent the last few months building up inventory in preparation for tax season, and it's worked out really well.  We're shipping orders faster than we ever have before.  Our suppliers are the only thing that slows us down now, and we're working on that by continually buying in larger quantities and setting our reorder quantities higher.  We're still moving towards the goal of having all of our most-common products in stock, all the time.  

We've also been working on our shop, doing a remodel and expansion.  We're doing this as time allows, so it will be an ongoing thing for a few more months.  Our retail store is coming together nicely and will have many of our products in stock for those who want to come and pick their orders up.  We're also going to be selling a lot of builder parts, like heim joints, tabs, gussets, DOM tubing by the foot, and more.  Our prices are lower than just about anywhere else in the country, so if you are within a couple of hours of our store, it might be worth the drive.  

Part of having a retail store is having people to work in it, so we've hired more help and are currently training them to not only sell our products in person, but also over the phone.  We haven't offered phone sales in several years and have instead funneled those sales to our dealers, but with the extra staff, we'll be able to handle all of the sales right here.  Starting in the next few weeks, you'll have two new ways to purchase from us.  In person or over the phone.  

Our expansion at the shop also includes a new 4,000 square foot installation facility.  We've always had a hard time working installs in with our general production, and have had to turn a lot of people away because there simply wasn't enough time to do all of it.  Once the new install shop is finished, we'll have five bays where we can install our products on your truck.  Whether it's a track bar, steering kit, steering brace, or something more complex like a complete suspension, we'll install it the right way, and we'll do it quickly.  

We're also continually working on our on-site proving grounds, which consists of several acres of trails, hill climbs, sometimes a little mud, and now we're working on a rock garden and RTI ramp.  If you come by our shop, you can test out your rig and see how everything works in a real-world environment.  Driving fast over speed bumps or flexing with a forklift is as good as it gets for most companies, but we want you to be able to see how your truck will really work.  

We've added new equipment in our fab shop, with more on the way.  We've also been working on our Power Wagon and V10 as time allows.  I have updates on those trucks on our forum in the Member's Rigs section if you'd like to see.  We have been spending a lot of time with the 5th gen (2014 Ram 2500), getting several new products ironed out.  Keep an eye on the site for those new releases!  

Thanks for helping to make DOR the successful company that it is.  We've come a long way since I started the business in 2010, and will continue to improve every aspect of our business moving forward.  There is not a Ram-only company that offers more parts and services than we do, and we do almost everything in-house, so our prices are quite a bit lower.  It's a formula for success that has allowed us to continue growing at a phenomenal rate every single year since we've been in business.  Thanks for keeping us busy! 

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