Update on backordered items from previous blog post

Posted by Danny on 3/25/2015 to Product Updates
This is just a really quick update about Fox and Currie parts that have been holding us up. The Currie joints are slowing starting to ship out. Not all sizes are back in stock yet, but a couple of the sizes we use are coming in... literally 4 to 12 at a time. So we're not totally in the clear yet, but things are looking good. On the Fox shocks and stabilizers, those are also coming back in stock. We haven't seen the stabilizers yet, but they are supposed to be ready for us in California tomorrow, the 26th. Our bolt-in steering kits are shipping out now, in the order they were received. When we get through the backlog of those orders, we'll have a few in stock and plan to keep at least a dozen kits on the shelf moving forward. Our tapered bolts are now being heat treated by Moser, the same place that makes the badass axle shafts, so we're really excited to offer the strongest bolts that can possibly be made (within reason). You'll know that your bolts are from the Moser batch if they are a matte black color, which is different than the older bolts which were a gray finish. We've been through 3 or 4 manufacturers on these bolts now, but between our new machine shop that makes them, and Moser Engineering heat treating them, we're finally setup to produce the bolts as quickly as we have always wanted to. Other than that, most products are shipping pretty quickly. We're a little backed up on long arm kits right now, but are cranking them out as fast as we can. Email us with any questions!

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