Upper arm bend profile
Upper arm bend profile

Bent Upper Long Arms Only

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Bent Upper Long Arms
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DOR bent upper long arms only, these are replacements for our long arm kit.  If you have one of our long arm kits and want to convert the upper arms to the newest bend profile, this is what you need.  These will clear your body mounts and provide more tire clearance than our older versions.  Select either the tubes by themselves (if you already have dual adjustable upper arms with 1.25" shank Johnny Joints), or arms with joints if you currently have any other DOR long arm style.  The complete arm option will ship with joints and jam nuts and will bolt up to your existing DOR long arm bracket on all long arm brackets made since 2015.  Older versions may need different joints - contact us if you aren't sure. 

These do not fit any other brackets or any other setups.  You must have our long arm kit in order to use these.  Do not buy these for any other circumstance - they are built to order and are non-returnable. 

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