With all of the things happening surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to let our customers know that we are open and will remain open as long as it is safe and legally allowed for us to be open.  Our business is almost entirely web-based, so we don't get many visitors in person.  Our staff is going to continue to work regular hours at this time.  If the conditions change in our local area where people are getting sick or travel is impacted, we will adjust our hours of operation at that time.  There may be delays in shipping that we cannot control - at this time, UPS, Fedex, and USPS have not notified us of any upcoming changes to their delivery schedules.  Some of the companies we work with are reducing hours or closing, and that will impact our ability to perform our work here.  We will do our best to make and ship products every day for as long as we are able to.  We didn't plan on making any kind of statement about this virus, but we have had customers ask if we are still open or if we would remain open, so this short response is for those who are wondering the same.  It's business as usual here, with more supplier delays than normal.   Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or need help with anything.  Because the local college is shut down, we actually have more help at the front desk than we normally do. 

3.24.20 Update:  No changes to our plan at this time.  Because we make products for tow trucks and utility trucks, we are considered an essential business and will continue to operate as long as we are able to.  So far, there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in our local area.  

4.3.20 Update:  No changes since last update. 

4.13.20 Update:  No changes, and we don't anticipate there being any.  Will only update from now on if something changes. 

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