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Because of the nature of our business, some orders do take several weeks to ship. We try our best to notify you of estimated lead times before ordering, and we try our best to keep you updated as the build process takes place. Things can and do come up that keep us from shipping your order on time, and sometimes they are out of our control.  If you feel like you need to file a chargeback or a PayPal dispute, please contact us prior to doing so and we'll do our best to work with you to remedy the situation.  It will save both of us a lot of headaches.  Once a chargeback or dispute is initiated, there are protocols that have to be followed and it will make things much more complicated.  We do not lose chargebacks and you will end up delaying your order even longer, as we do not ship products while a chargeback or dispute is ongoing.  If anything has been shipped, we will intercept the package and hold it until everything is cleared up in our favor, and all funds are deposited again.  This can take anywhere from a week, up to a month or more.   Again, save all of us the headaches and reach out to us first.