DOR Extreme Duty Track Bar 94-02

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DOR XTB Track Bar 2G
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An improvement on DOR's best-selling 2nd gen track bar, the only bar with zero rebuilds or failures EVER! Our Extreme Duty track bar simply beats all other track bars into submission.  With .500" wall DOM tubing, a massive 1" shank Johnny Joint and a 7/8" shank FK brand extreme duty heim joint, all Grade 8 hardware, and a 1/4" steel bracket, this bar is totally bolt on and totally extreme!  Using joints at both ends allows the suspension to move uninhibited, with more misalignment than any track bar ever made for a Ram truck!  

The Extreme Duty Track Bar is a complete kit that comes with the track bar, joints, 1/4" steel bracket, all Grade 8 mounting hardware, and instructions for installation.   

Also available - our heim seals are a great way to protect your track bar heim from inclement conditions. Our heims are the best you can get, however when exposed to salt, mud, water, and ice, they will require a little maintenance and can wear out faster if not maintained. We came up with these poly seals to cover up the ball of the heim without restricting movement. You get all of the strength of a heim joint, with the longevity of a bushing. These are recommended if you live in a northern climate or near saltwater, or if you really abuse your truck in muddy, wet conditions on a regular basis.

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