DOR Jam Nut Crowfoot Wrench

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If you don't own a crowfoot wrench to torque your jam nuts, these will do the trick.  They are cut out of 1/4" HRPO on our CNC table, then we punch a square hole for a 1/2" drive ratchet or torque wrench, and powdercoat them black so they don't rust up.  These are not a precision tool, they are cut with a plasma cutter so there is a slight bevel to the material where it will grab the jam nut.  They are intended to be inexpensive and good for a few uses, beyond that you should be purchasing tool-quality crowfoot wrenches machined from higher grade materials.  If you don't want to spend $30 or more on a single crowfoot, these are right up your alley.  They are available for any of our 7/8" shank heim jam nuts, 1.25" shank Johnny Joint jam nuts, and for the sector shaft extensions available with all of our steering braces.  Consult the chart below to see which size you should order. 

7/8" shank jam nuts (track bars, steering kits) - 1.25" crowfoot
1.25" shank jam nuts (all adjustable short arms and long arms) - 1.625" crowfoot

2nd and 3rd gen sector shaft extensions - 1.25" crowfoot
4th and 5th gen sector shaft extensions - 1.75" crowfoot

There is no warranty on these, we're simply cutting them out of scrap material and offering them as a helpful tool for those who don't have crowfoot wrenches.  We try to check all of these with a jam nut before coating them, if you get one that doesn't slide over the jam nut or sector shaft easily you may need to use a Dremel or die grinder to clearance the crowfoot a little.  We're not going to swap it out for another one because these are sold at cost, and shipping is twice as much as the price of the crowfoot.  Think of them as a disposable tool that comes with some Ikea furniture, they will do the job a time or two but they aren't meant for long-term use or to be a high quality tool.

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