Dodge Off Road 2nd Gen 5" Suspension Kit 94-02 2500/3500 Model

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DOR 5" Suspension 2nd Gen 2500/3500
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Our 5" suspension kit includes everything you need to turn your 2500 or 3500 series 2nd gen into an off-road beast, with a better on-highway ride than stock and more travel for your off road adventures.  

  • 5" progressive rate coil springs, much softer than factory springs
  • Fox 2.0 IFP front and rear shocks (upgrades available)
  • DOR HD adjustable track bar kit, the best 2nd gen track bar ever made
  • Eagle Forge drop pitman arm, year-specific for a perfect fit
  • DOR straight non-adjustable short arms, upgradeable to bent short arms or long arms
  • DOR fabricated 2" steel lift block that ties into U bolts (you will remove your factory block)
  • DOR 2500/3500 shackle flip and U bolt flip, for a 3.25" rear lift using your stock leaf springs
  • DOR Extreme Duty sway bar end links, the largest end links ever made for Ram trucks (94-97 models require new axle mounts)

Our 5" suspension kit is more than just a lift kit - this is the finest suspension you can buy for your 2nd gen heavy duty truck.  We use the highest quality parts and everything is designed to work together, from the shock valving and coil spring rates, to the track bar drop bracket and drop pitman arm.  This is a much more precise setup than if you were to piece everything together from separate companies.   Our long arm kit is the strongest ever made, using 3/8" steel brackets and 2" OD x .250" wall DOM upper and lower arms with 1.25" shank Currie Johnny Joints at the axle end, and huge 2.63" poly bushings at the frame end.  The DOR shackle flip will give you a much softer rear suspension without sacrificing your towing capacity, which is a benefit unique to our shackle flip setup.  We also supply our huge 1.25" OD sway bar end links that use the largest heim joints in the industry.  This entire system is engineered to be the best suspension you can bolt on, not only in strength but also in ride quality.  This is done through proper geometry of the suspension, which you simply don't get with a standard "lift kit."

With this suspension, you can run 37" tires on 8" to 10" wide wheels, or with fender trimming and moving the axle forward, you can run 38" to 40" tires.

Front driveshaft modifications are not required, and your factory brake lines will still work at this height.  If you have a truck with upper overloads (on top of the leaf pack), those will not be functional once this suspension is installed.  However we do make a bolt-in air bag kit that will provide all of the load capacity you need without affecting the ride quality. 

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