Dodge Off Road 2nd Gen High Clearance Plate Bumper
Made from American steel and built to take a beating

Dodge Off Road 2nd Gen High Clearance Plate Bumper

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DOR 2G Plate Bumper
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Update 12/1/19:   Bumpers are currently in redesign and pre-production, initial preorder buy-in ended 11/30/19.  Bumpers will be available for purchase again by 3/1/20. 

For years, we've had a ton of requests to build a simple yet strong front bumper for 2nd gen Dodges, and we're now offering what most of you have been looking for.  This bumper is made out of 3/16" HRPO steel with 1/4" brackets, and includes new Grade 8 hardware for mounting. The light bar version holds a 30" bar in the center and has room for two LED pods or other stem-mount 4" lights in the sides where the fog lights can go.   The winch version accepts any low profile winch and still has the fog light mounts on the sides, you can mount a light bar on top of the bumper if you need the extra light output.  We can also make the fog light holes a solid piece of steel if you don't want fog lights.  Two D ring mounts with a 7/8" ID hole are included. 

All bumpers are fully welded and then powercoated satin black, and bolt together as three large pieces.  The center chunk is one large piece that you bolt on to the frame, and the two outside pieces simply bolt to that center chunk.  This allows us to ship the bumpers UPS Ground and save about $250, and we can ship right to your house rather than it having to go to a commercial address.  Our powdercoat is done in-house at no extra charge, it's not intended to be show truck quality so if you are concerned about that just order the bumper in bare steel.  You can put that in the order notes and we'll ship it without any coating.  We use HRPO steel which has no mill scale, so the bumper will begin to form surface rust pretty quickly in certain climates if you don't get it painted or coated when you receive it. 

Winch recommendations:  Warn VR EVO 12, Warn ZEON 12, Smittybilt Gen 2 X20 12k (the larger sizes will not fit) 

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