2014+ Ram 2500 Front and Rear Track Bar Kit
2014+ Ram 2500 Front and Rear Track Bar Kit

Dodge Off Road 4.5 Gen Track Bar Upgrade Kit

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DOR Track Bar 5G Front and Rear
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If you have a 2014 to 2018 Ram 2500 4x4, upgrade your front and rear track bars together and save a few bucks over buying them separately! 

Made out of 1.5" OD .250" wall 1026 DOM tube, the DOR adjustable 4.5 gen front track bar is built to last.  The frame end utilizes a 7/8" FK uniball with stainless misalignment spacers, and the axle end has a chromoly heim joint that is adjustable.  We use a hex tube adapter at the axle end to help you get the jam nut tight without scratching up the tube.  These track bars are bent for extra differential clearance, as well as axle mount clearance, and works on all trucks from just below stock height, up to 3" of lift in the factory bracket.  You can also use this with drop brackets as long as the bracket accepts the factory track bar.

The rear track bar is even beefier, using the same 1.5" OD tube but with a .400" wall.  Then we use adjustable Currie Johnny Joints at each end, which have a 1" shank and are greaseable and rebuildable.  The bar is bent to clear your diff cover.  

Both of these track bars are much stronger and firmer than the stock track bars.  The factory bars use big rubber bushings which wear out quickly and allow your suspension to shimmy.  The DOR track bars are the strongest track bars available for the 2014+ Ram 2500 trucks with the 5 link rear suspension and front radius arms.  Since both bars are adjustable, they can work on most lift heights.  Both bars are powdercoated satin black for a durable, good looking finish. 

This package deal fits 2014 to 2018 Ram 2500 4x4 trucks only, including the Power Wagon models.  The Ram 3500 model trucks do not use a rear track bar, so just buy the front track bar by itself if you are looking for an upgrade. 

If you have a new 2019 Ram 2500 4x4, the rear track bar will bolt right up but you will need to clearance the factory front track bar bracket on the frame to clear the bend in our front track bar.  

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