AAM 1150 rear cover
AAM 1150 rear cover

Dodge Off Road AAM 1150 Differential Cover

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DOR AAM 1150 Diff Cover
Part Number: 1067-1150
Availability: Ships in 5 to 10 Days

Dodge Off Road Differential Covers are some of the strongest covers ever made! They are cut from 3/8" steel and will give you all of the protection your differential could ever need. Not only that, but our covers are better than others because you get two plugs - one for draining and one for filling. And better yet, they are both magnetic to help catch any stray metal pieces floating around in your gear oil before any more damage is done! Nobody else offers this kind of protection and user-friendly design. New Class 12.9 black oxide mounting hardware is included with all covers.  They all come powder coated in satin black unless you request bare steel.  If listed "in stock," the cover is already coated and bare steel covers will take 5 to 10 days to ship.  The gear oil capacity is 4 quarts with this cover. 

This cover fits all 3rd and 4th gen (2003-2012) Ram 2500/3500 diesel 4x4 trucks with the AAM 1150 rear axle. This also fits 2013 Ram 2500 4x4.  If your 3rd/4th gen truck has a Cummins diesel, this is your rear diff cover. 

This cover also fits the 2013 and up Ram 2500 trucks with the factory rear coil spring suspension, without the use of sway bar spacers.  

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