3rd and 4th Gen Offset Arms
3rd and 4th Gen Offset Arms

Dodge Off Road Bent Short Arms Non-Adjustable 03-09

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DOR Short Arms Fixed Bent 3G
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DOR's unbeatable short arms, made from the finest 1026 DOM tubing, and with our industry-best greaseable bushings, you simply will not find a better quality short arm anywhere at this price. These are beefier than arms than cost twice as much, and are precision cut, notched, and welded all in a jig for incomparable accuracy.

These are the bent arms for 3rd gen trucks, 2003 to 2009. These allow 1.5" extra tire clearance for those who are running factory wheels, or wheels with high backspacing (more than 4.5"), or those with wide tires. If you are having problems with your tires rubbing the control arms you have now, these are a great fix for that problem. We have not found a wheel or tire combination that does rub with these short arms, so they should be a "cure all" regardless of your setup. We use 2" OD 1/4" wall tubing for the lower arm, which has a high clearance bend in it, and then we use 1.5" OD 1/4" wall tubing for the upper arm and these are welded offset with no bends.

These arms are made to push the axle 1/2" forward of the stock location for more tire clearance and better suspension and steering geometry. The actual measurements vary based on lift height so please make sure you select an accurate suspension height when ordering. They are powdercoated gloss black.

If you have more than 5" of suspension lift, you will really benefit from our long arm kits. Even though we make the short arms longer to compensate for the additional lift height, long arms are the real answer to improving ride quality for lift heights above 5".

When listed in stock, that is for the stock to 3" arms only.  All other lengths are built to order and will ship in 5 to 10 business days. 

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Typically Ships in 5 to 10 Business Days
Typically Ships in 5 to 10 Days