Fox 2.5 Performance Series Coilovers with Eibach dual rate springs, Synergy towers and DOR lower mounts for a bolt-in install
Fox 2.5 Performance Series Coilovers with Eibach dual rate springs, Synergy towers and DOR lower mounts for a bolt-in install

Dodge Off Road Dual Rate Coilovers

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DOR Dual Rate Coilovers Custom Valved Pair
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Not for sale online - must be ordered over the phone - minimum build time is 6 weeks and there are no refunds/cancellations once ordered.

Have you always wanted coilovers for your 1994-2012 Ram truck, but you don't know where to start?  Dodge Off Road is one of the only places in the world who will build custom coilovers for your application, and we offer a bolt-in setup so you don't have to do any fabrication to make it work!  This is our most common package with Fox 2.5" Performance Series Remote Reservoir coilover shocks in a dual-rate spring setup, dialed in for a 3", 6"-7", or 10" lift height with our own custom valving profile.  We can also build these in custom heights for an extra charge, from stock height up to whatever you want.  Our standard package will give you a softer ride on and off the highway, with a lot more travel than you would normally get from a coil spring and shock setup.  We build the 3" to 6" lift coilovers to have about 4" up travel and 8" to 10" down travel which is perfect for a low center of gravity rig.  If you need the travel to be flipped around so that you have more up travel, let us know in the order comments or just give us a call and order over the phone.  We can build just about anything you need, but our specialty is low-COG trail rig/daily driver rigs that are all-purpose.  If you are using your truck for one specific environment, we can build coilovers to suit your needs better. 

Our coilover kits have an option to include brackets to make the shocks a bolt-in setup.  These coilovers are truly made for Ram trucks, not just generic setups.  You can buy coilover kits anywhere, but you can't get Ram-specific coilover conversions that bolt-in from very many places.  We take it one step further and give you a custom setup, using dual rate springs, built for your particular needs, all at a price that is lower than the retail price if you just buy the parts yourself.  You simply can't beat this deal.  The shocks are priced per pair, we don't sell them individually because... well, why?  You need at least two. 

Why do we use dual rate springs?  The biggest advantage to a coilover shock is that you can fine-tune the spring rate and shock valving to your truck's exact weight at whatever ride height you want.  Companies that use a single coil spring on a coilover are giving you nothing more than if you were to use a regular coil spring and some good shocks.  Dual rate springs allow you to specify exactly when the suspension transitions from the initial rate to the main rate, so you can specify when your truck's suspension becomes a little more stiff.  With linear or single rate springs, it's the same spring rate the entire travel of the suspension.  Every single rate coilover we've ever seen on a Dodge Ram has just been a spring that is nearly the same as a stock spring rate.  So the suspension isn't even softer, it just has a higher quality shock than stock.  This is done because a company doesn't spend the time to research how to tune a coilover, but simply looks at them as an easy way to lift a truck and look cool in the process.  While our coilovers do look awesome, what separates them from basically every other Dodge Ram coilover is that we build them to perform better, not just look better.  Our spring rates are set based on years of testing and tuning, and our shock valving is done to compliment those spring rates.  When you install a set of our coilovers, you will immediately notice that the truck rides many times better than it did before, regardless of what coil springs you had in the truck before.  Our initial spring rates are the softest spring rates in the industry, period.  However, thanks to the dual rate spring setup, we are able to limit body sway by having the spring rate transition after the first few inches of travel so that the truck doesn't feel top heavy.  You can also run any of our torsion sway bars if you want extra sway control without affecting the ride quality. 

Need some coilovers for a rear application?  Send us an email and we can help you out. 

Pair the front coilovers up with our long arm kit for the most travel out of any Ram suspension on the market!  We have been offering 14" travel setups with just 3" suspension height for several years. 

These are only bolt-in for 1994-2012 solid axle Dodge Ram trucks, and the 2013 Ram 2500 4x4.  If you have a newer Ram with factory radius arms, none of these coilover options listed are going to work on your truck, but if you have some custom brackets welded to the frame and axle we can build the coilovers for you. 

We now have options for a variety of Fox coilovers from 2.0" up to 3.0". 

The build time is listed at 4 to 6 weeks, but this is for the Fox 2.5" Remote Resi and it can change.  Other sizes will have different wait times; the 3.0" coilovers take several months in most cases.  Shock manufacturers are notorious for backorders.  If you are in a hurry, custom built shocks probably aren't for you, so let's talk about some off-the-shelf shocks that we can usually ship the same day.  Once ordered, there are no refunds on custom shock builds.  They take some time - be aware of that up front.  

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