Dodge Off Road Extreme Long Arms 2nd Gen 94-02

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DOR Bent Long Arms 2G Extreme
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DOR's long arms are the strongest, longest, best-designed, and have been around longer than any other long arm kit on the market.  This is the setup that all other long arm kits want to be.  These are designed to be totally bulletproof with 3/8" brackets, all Grade 8 hardware, 2" OD .250" wall DOM tubing upper and lower, and totally bolt-in installation. Depending on suspension height, you may need to modify your body mount brackets to clear the upper arm.  The bent upper arms are designed to clear with a 3" lift, however you may need to notch your body mounts depending on how your suspension is setup.  All long arm kits require the stock lower control arm mount to be cut off. You will gain more travel and a better ride out of these arms.

This is our CAD-designed, CNC-bent long arm kit, with bent lower arms that provide more tire clearance, and bent upper arms to provide more clearance around the body mount.  As of January 10th, 2018 we now bend the upper arms to offer much more tire clearance than previous versions.  These work on 2500/3500 series trucks with as little as 2" suspension lift and 1500 trucks with as little as 4" lift.  The arms are double adjustable, however due to the bends, the upper arm cannot be adjusted on the truck without removing one end of the arm.  The lower arm can be adjusted without removing either joint from a bracket.  Just loosen the jam nuts and spin the lower arms to adjust them as needed.  Adjustable arms are great if you want to fine-tune your axle position, or if you might change your suspension height later.  This allows us to have a solid mount on the frame bracket and all of the adjustability is built into the arms.  The other benefit is that if your joints ever wear out, you don't have to rebuild them - you can just thread them out and replace them without using any special tools.  Non-adjustable arms running these types of joints typically require a press to rebuild the joints.   The joints are greaseable and last much, much longer than bushings, plus they provide more misalignment so your suspension can work without binding up.  

Compare to any other 2nd gen long arm kit - we use the biggest arms, the strongest brackets, the most travel, and our arms are designed to be used in any terrain anywhere in the world. They have been tested all over North America, in all types of terrain, and have performed flawlessly. Slide your truck on them, slam them into rocks, jump your truck, bury it in mud... you'll never hurt these arms or brackets without totaling out your truck, guaranteed. Prove us wrong - bend or break a set and we'll replace them for free.

These are also the easiest long arms to install on any 2nd gen truck.  You only need to drill 5 holes for each bracket, and all of the holes are existing on the frame - you just open them up to 9/16".  Then bolt the brackets up, mount the arms, cut off the lower control arm mounts and notch the body mount if necessary, and you are ready to go.  There is no welding required, you don't have to mess with the transmission crossmember, and you don't need a lot of special tools to do this.  If you have a drill, a socket set, and a Sawzall or another way to cut metal brackets off the frame, you can do this in your driveway or garage in about 2 hours (depending on skill level).  Pretty much anybody qualified enough to install these will have them installed in 6 hours or less. 

The brackets and arms are all powdercoated with a satin black finish that is very durable and looks great.  If you want a different color, just tell us to ship them in bare steel in the order comments.  

The 2" to 6" suspension height option is the most common size and if the product is shown as "in stock," that is the size we have in stock.  All other sizes are made to order. 

All long arm orders will have the Johnny Joints and jam nuts drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, unless the order is being shipped outside of the United States.  The joints and jam nuts will arrive separately and may arrive before or after the rest of the long arm kit.  We do provide tracking information on the drop ship as soon as we get it.  The long arm kit will ship in three boxes from our shop in Lakeview, and then one or two boxes from California. 

We often get asked about what wheel and tire combos to use with our long arms.  This new bent setup (as of 1.10.18) will clear 10" wide, 5" backspaced wheels with 17" wide tires, and it will clear your standard 8" or 9" wide wheel with 4.75" backspacing and 12.50" or 13.50" wide tires.  If you are running stock wheels with wider tires, you might still have some minor rubbing at full lock, we haven't tested the new bend profile with those setups yet.  But the new bend profile has the arms bent as much as we can bend them without sacrificing strength, so if your tires rub with these arms you probably just need to get some different wheels.  We don't guarantee that your tires won't rub, but we do guarantee that we've done everything we can to maximize tire clearance. 

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