2.5" blocks
2.5" blocks

Dodge Off Road Ram 4500 5500 Fabricated Lift Blocks

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DOR Fabricated Lift Blocks
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If you have a Ram 4500/5500 truck and need to raise the rear suspension slightly without affecting your load capacity, our steel fabricated lift blocks are the only way to go.  These are the only 4500/5500 blocks that incorporate the U bolts with the blocks, to keep the block from ever being pushed out.  Our 4500/5500 blocks are CNC-cut from 1/4" HRPO steel, MIG-welded, internally gusseted, and powdercoated with a satin black finish.  You can use these with your factory U bolts and U bolt plates, although you will likely need longer U bolts once installed.   Since every truck is a little different, we sell the blocks by themselves with an option to buy longer U bolts if needed.  If you add U bolts, you will get four new Grade 8 U 3/4" diameter bolts with washers and nuts.  The U bolts are special ordered, we do not stock them. 

Check out our other Ram 4500/5500 upgrades, like our adjustable track bar, adjustable control arms, sway bar end links, and steering linkage. 

These blocks are designed for the 2013 and up Ram 4500/5500 trucks, but they should fit the 08-12 models as well.  We have not verified this ourselves, but will update the product listing once we do. 

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