The largest and strongest sway bar end links on the market
The largest and strongest sway bar end links on the market

Dodge Off Road Rear Sway Bar End Links 2014-2019 Ram 2500

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DOR 5G Rear Sway Bar End Links
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For 2014 and up Ram 2500 4x4 trucks with the five link rear suspension, we offer the best sway bar end links available.  These are built similarly to our front end links, using 1.25" OD DOM tube, 3/4" chromoly heim joints, and all 303 stainless misalignment hardware with Grade 8 mounting hardware.  The benefit of running heim end links is that you have the strongest joints available, and they last much longer than bushing-style end links.  If the heims ever do wear out, you can simply unthread them and thread new ones in without any special tools.  And since the heims are threaded, the end links are adjustable so you can fine tune your sway bar angle, or compensate for various lift height changes as needed.  If your truck has a lift, you need longer end links to keep the sway bar level throughout the full motion of suspension travel.  We make these for in a variety of lift heights, and our end links will work on stock height trucks (including Power Wagons) if you just need a heavy duty upgrade over the stock junk.  The DOR end links bolt right in without any modification, in just a few minutes with basic hand tools.

If your truck has a lift and uses sway bar drop brackets, you'll need to remove those, as our end links bolt to the stock mounts.  Drop brackets and sway bar extensions are always a problem on heavy duty trucks, and our end links allow you to get rid of those for the most secure mounting setup possible.  

These end links work on all 2014 to 2019 Ram 2500 4x4 trucks with the rear 5 link setup, with basically any suspension height.  We can build them for lowered trucks or for trucks with huge lifts.  The options listed are what we commonly make, but custom lengths are the same price.  You'll need to provide bolt to bolt measurements for custom end links. 

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