DOR Shock Tower
DOR Shock Tower

Dodge Off Road Shock Towers

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DOR Shock Towers
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DOR shock towers are made from 3/16" HRPO steel and will fit any 2nd gen 4x4 truck, as well as the 3rd and 4th gen solid-axle 4x4 trucks.  The towers are based on the discontinued Synergy shock towers, and are designed to be used with Fox and King shocks, with a 1.5" mounting width and a 1/2" bolt hole.  We improved the design to work better on 2nd gens and offer a little more clearance under the hood than before.  The towers will bolt onto your factory coil spring mount on the frame, and include a 3/16" lower ring to clamp the towers to the coil mount.  These towers work great on any 2.0", 2.5", or 3.0" smooth body or coilover shock with the same mounting width, and they will allow for more suspension travel because the center of the bolt hole is 7" above the coil tower.  This can create some issues with aftermarket turbos and other accessories, so make sure to measure your truck if you have anything other than stock in the engine bay above your current shock towers.  The measurement from the top of the coil bucket to the top of our tower is 8-3/8" and the diameter is 4" at the top of the tower.  Most trucks won't have an issue but as with anything else aftermarket, you may need to move or modify other parts to clear these taller towers.  Aftermarket turbos on diesel trucks, and cold air kits on gasser trucks may cause clearance issues.  

The towers are CNC cut from 3/16" HRPO steel, MIG welded, then powder coated semi gloss black.  Kit includes two towers, two bolt rings, and all new Grade 8 hardware for the towers and to mount your shocks to the towers.

If you have coilovers, check out the separate listing for coilover mounts that include the upgraded lower mounts.  They beef up the axle mount and raise the bolt hole slightly to help keep the coilover from binding up.

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