Brace and skid plate, all in one
Brace and skid plate, all in one

Dodge Off Road Steering Brace 94-02 PSC 852 Box Only

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DOR PSC Box Brace 2nd Gen
Part Number: 1001-PSC
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This is the brace for the PSC SG-850 or SG-852 2nd gen boxes only.  This part number ONLY fits those PSC boxes, it does not fit any other 2nd gen steering boxes including the newer SG-852K2 and K3 which use sway bar relocation blocks!  See part number 1001 for our 2nd gen brace that fits all 2nd gen boxes other than the PSC boxes.  We are working on a new brace for the K2 and K3 models.  If your box came with sway bar relocation mounts, you will need to wait for our new brace. If you order this thinking it will fit your K2 or K3 box, you will be responsible for shipping it back to us and there is a 20% restocking fee.  We build these to order and are telling you up front that it's not going to fit the newest PSC boxes, make sure you are ordering for the correct PSC part number before you submit an order for this brace.  We should have the newer brace for the K2 and K3 models available soon, keep an eye on the site for that product to be released. 

The most effective and unique steering brace ever made for Dodge Ram trucks, the Dodge Off Road Steering Brace is our patented answer to the problems associated with Dodge steering boxes. The steering is setup is a push-pull system, where the steering box takes a horizontal load on the sector shaft that it was never designed to handle. This causes the steering boxes to wear out quickly and eventually start leaking fluid as the seals break down. The result is poor steering control, wandering, and sometimes death wobble. Our steering brace supports the sector shaft and prevents it from moving side to side by using a large 2 bolt flange bearing that is greaseable and replaceable. 

Other steering braces tie both frame rails in together, which allows the frame flex that is prevalent on Ram trucks to twist on the sector shaft as the brace itself is twisted. Ours is the only brace that does not allow frame flex to exert any force onto the steering box, thanks to it's unique one-sided design. We also use better materials than most brace manufacturers - all 1/4" construction, 1/4" wall tubing, a high quality bearing, and all Grade 8 hardware. The brace is powder coated gloss black and comes with detailed instructions for installation, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. You will notice that your truck has tighter steering, drives straight down the road better than before, and you can also protect the steering box itself from future failures and impacts, since our brace is also designed as a skid plate. You simply cannot get this kind of quality and value from anybody else in the world. 

How did we come up with this unique design?  The answer is simple - we are Ram owners who were tired of sloppy steering.  Other steering braces seem to fix the problem temporarily, but we found that they were actually wearing out our expensive steering boxes over time.  We started to cut apart a normal brace and then added gussets, but it wasn't enough.  Then he tied it in to the crossmember, created a skid plate in the process, and now we have the patent on single-sided Dodge Ram steering braces.  This is the only brace that works as described, without damaging your steering box!  You can only get this kind of ingenuity from someone who really knows Ram trucks, because we drive them.  Call some other brace manufacturers and ask them what their daily driver is - 9 times out of 10, they are selling you something that they don't even use themselves.  

All braces are test-fit on a 2nd gen frame before being sent out, to ensure that they fit every single time.  We also have a full time welder who does nothing but steering braces, which is another way of making sure that the quality is consistent.   These are backed with our lifetime warranty - break it, bend it, or otherwise damage the brace and we'll send you a new one.  The bearing itself is a replaceable piece that typically lasts 3 to 5 years, sometimes longer if you keep them greased.  We sell replacements for about $15 if you ever need a new one.  

The brace is made entirely out of 1/4" steel, and our sector shaft extension is machined from 303 stainless steel.  All other brands use a cheaper 1018 steel that is zinc-coated, but they still rust in a few months.  All hardware needed is included and is Grade 8 (SAE) or Class 10.9 (Metric). You will reuse your existing steering box bolt.   

For a lot more technical info on this brace, including an install video, please visit this link to our forum: 

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