1.5" OD with 1/2" stud
1.5" OD with 1/2" stud

Dodge Off Road Steering Stabilizer Clamp

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DOR Steering Stabilizer Clamp
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DOR's custom made steering stabilizer clamps are just what you need if you have an aftermarket steering kit and want a quick way to add a stabilizer without welding, or if you want to add hydro assist without welding tabs on. Each clamp is made to order and we have a wide range of possible configurations. We'll need to know the outside diameter (OD) of your tube where you want to mount the clamp, and then we need to know what size bolt your stabilizer or hydro cylinder takes. Most stabilizers are a 1/2" bolt, and most cylinders are a 5/8" bolt.

If you have DOR steering and want one of our custom engraved clamps, see part number 1109.  This listing is for a wider variety of clamps that we build to order in many sizes.  You can use these for other applications, such as custom mounts for your roll cage or boat. Each clamp is secured using three 5/16" Allen head bolts and will hold up to severe use without any trouble. Made from 1018 steel with a 1/2" wall, you are going to be shocked when you see how heavy duty these clamps are.  They are strong enough to work in hydro assist applications as well. 

We stock our DOR engraved clamps all the time (part number 1109), all other sizes are custom made and will take a week or two in most cases.   All clamps are powdercoated black unless you request bare steel. 

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