72" arms on a long bed quad cab
72" arms on a long bed quad cab

Dodge Off Road Traction Bars 2nd Gen Weld-On

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DOR Traction Bars 2G Weld-On
Part Number: 1071-Weld
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This is a weld-on version of our 2nd gen long travel traction bar setup.  This includes two weld-on 1/4" steel frame brackets, two weld-on 1/4" steel axle brackets, two 2" OD x .250" wall DOM arms with 1.25" shank Currie Johnny Joints at each end, and the Grade 8 hardware to bolt the arms to the brackets.  You will need to weld both mounts on.   Bent arms are an additional charge and allow for more ground clearance. 

These traction bars do not bind the suspension when installed properly, but the end result is up to the customer.  You must mount the brackets at the correct location and angle or suspension binding can occur like a traditional traction bar.  For a more dialed setup, check out our bolt-on setup part number 1071. 

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