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All Dodge Off Road hard parts carry a lifetime warranty against defects to the original purchaser, with proof of purchase. This does not cover abuse or misuse, or improper installation procedures including improper torque of fasteners, nor does it cover general wear items such as bushings, bearings, races, or joints. Our warranty does not cover parts other than our own. Parts from other manufacturers have their own respective warranty policies which can be found on the product pages or by visiting that company's website. In all cases, the warranty covers the product only and does not cover other parts or assemblies that may have been affected, nor does it cover labor costs or any other possible charges.  Any replacement parts sent out will be shipped in the same manner as which you paid on the original order; if you paid for Ground shipping then we will ship replacement parts Ground.  If you want to upgrade the shipping, we can give you a quote and you can pay the difference.  We require parts to be shipped to us, prepaid, for all warranty claims.  We will inspect the parts and then replace or refund if they are defective.  In the event that we ship replacement parts first and provide you with a return label to ship faulty parts back to us, those parts should be returned to us within 10 business days.  If they are not shipped by that time, we will charge your card for the value of the parts, or if we cannot authorize your card, your account will be sent to a debt collector.