Cut from 1/2" American steel
Cut from 1/2" American steel

MRAP Wheel Adapter Plate

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MRAP Adapter Plates
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If you have a need to run 20" MRAP double beadlock non-CTIS 10-lug Budd wheels on your Rockwell 2.5 ton 6-lug axle, we make the adapter plates that make this possible.  The plates are CNC cut from 1/2" American steel using a high quality Hypertherm plasma cutter, then we punch the holes out to full size using a 50 ton Edwards ironworker press.  The plates will have a slight bevel on the outside edge but the bolt holes themselves are very crisp and will bolt up to your MRAP non-CTIS wheel easily.  As an option, we will provide the 1" Grade 8 hardware to bolt the plate to your MRAP wheel (bolts, washers, stover nuts).  Torque specs for the hardware we provide is 760 ft.lbs.  Each wheel adapter requires 10 bolts, keep this in mind when you see the price of adding hardware.  We're not jacking the price up, 1" Grade 8 stuff is expensive no matter where you get it.  

By request, we now offer the MRAP adapters with an 8x6.5" bolt pattern and 8x170mm Super Duty pattern for those who want to run MRAP wheels on 1 ton axles.  Run 20" double beadlocks on your full size truck, for less than half the cost of buying custom wheels!  MRAP wheels are made by several manufacturers, we prefer the Hutchinson WO-1137 aluminum wheels because of the weight savings.  These are a 20"x10" wheel that weighs 91 lbs and has a 12,750 lb weight rating. 

All of the adapters are made to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks to make and ship these once you order.  This allows us to keep the costs down as much as possible and only build what is ordered.  Obviously these are not a high-volume item, the Rockwell market has dropped off big time since 2008- if we sold enough of them we would keep them in stock all the time.  Once your order is placed, we will order the material and hardware, and it takes about 10 days for that to get to us in most cases.  Since these are a custom item, there are no returns and no cancellations once ordered.  Make sure you want them before you click the button to buy them. Once we order the materials to make them, they belong to you. 

There may be some grinding required to get these to fit perfectly.  There are a variety of MRAP wheels on the market, our drawings are based off the Hutchinson WO-1137 wheels without CTIS.  You can grind, drill, and modify these plates as needed to make them work on your particular application.  We sell them for less for DIY guys who can finish them out if needed, but they will work as-is in most cases.  We run them on our 24 valve 6x6 truck.  

Adapters are sold each, there is no minimum quantity.  These are intended for off road use only.  If you run them on the highway, you may experience vibration since the plates are lug-centric.  You can use balancing beads or wheel balancers like Centramatics to offset this vibration that wheel weights won't be able to correct 100%.   If you want to use cone-shaped lug nuts, you will need to create your own bevel on all of the lug bolt holes.  The plates come without any bevel.   We do make the hub bore very tight if we have the exact hub specs.  The plates are a very tight fit, you may need to hit them with a flap wheel in some cases, but it's better to make them this way than loose-fitting since the lug holes are not beveled. 

If you need custom bolt patterns, we can make them.  We just need the bolt pattern and bolt diameter.  They will be exactly the measurements you give us, so make sure they are correct before ordering custom adapters.  There are no returns or refunds on this item.  It's your responsibility to make sure the adapter and wheel are going to fit your axle/lug pattern, some axles have hub bores that are bigger and won't work.  If you want a proof sent before the plates are cut so you can verify they will work for your application, just ask and we'll email it to you.    We know they work on the bolt patterns we offer, but we're not able to verify fitment on all axles/lug patterns.  If you don't know if the adapter plates will fit your axle, email us the specs and we'll mock one up in AutoCAD first to see how close the bolt holes are to each other and the hub bore. 

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